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What to Consider When Buying a Trinx M1000 Mountain Bike

by SEO Pixel Webz 11 Oct 2021

The Trinx M1000 Mountain Bike is your ticket to having a blast on the trails. This lightweight, sturdy bike features all-terrain tires and hydraulic disc brakes so that you can ride it just about anywhere with confidence! It's affordable, durable, and easily adjustable, so it'll be with you as soon as possible!

This mountain bike is a great buy. It's not only have all the bells and whistles that you could ask for, but at this price point, there isn't anything else of comparable quality on offer!

If you want more information about this great option, be sure to stay with us and check out the site now!



Legacy of Trinx M1000

Trinx introduced the 26er Trinx M136 mountain bike as its STAR MODEL In 2016. The company's latest invention is fast and agile and features improved suspension technology to make it more comfortable on rugged terrains such as rough terrain or steep hillsides.

Since then, it's succeeded in becoming one of our best sellers because not only does this model provide great affordability with high-quality artistry and design, but it also includes all sorts of features that make biking more fun!

In the wake of its impressive success with last year's STAR MODEL release, Trinx has re-emerged again in a bid to provide mountain bikers across all borders an affordable product. The new Majestic 100 boasts world-class components and design at prices accessible by everyone - this time without sacrificing quality!


Design of Trinx M1000

The Trinx M1000 is a sleek aluminum cross-country mountain bike with 27.5 wheel size that will take you wherever the trails may lead! It features ten-speed LTWOO components to make sure your ride is always smooth, fast-paced or anything in between due to its versatile design allowing for riders of all abilities comfortable control their adventures at any time - no matter where they go on this excellent two-wheeled vehicle like machine called "the Trinx."

This mountain bike all has that just a road warrior could need, starting with a sleek-looking suspension fork that also features lockout. The hydraulic disc brakes are great for stopping on a dime, while 24 speeds provide riders lots of options to get out ahead or stay right behind their peers!



The new model comes with an aluminum frame that weighs less than most carbon frames while still strong enough for any riding you can think up! It has reliable disc brakes which stop your ride quickly when needed in emergencies like tight turns where there may be other obstacles around, making things treacherous ahead (or behind).


Durability & Performance

Majestic are typically not among those who can afford it; however, when paired up correctly, they deliver superior performance on every ride thanks to their durable construction made from only top tier materials like aluminum or titanium, which will give you many years worth out of enjoyment before having any need for repairs due to carelessness.

The 26er is equipped with three ten-speed gears. This bike uses LT WOO, a line of components from the brand that's been called "race-ready." The hydraulic brakes are also turned on. It looks like the fork has a lockout, which is fantastic to see in action!

The best way to get the right gear is by using a range. If you know that your bike has at least 11-42T or better than ten-speed cogs with suitable quality gears, go ahead and buy it! But if not, make sure there are enough options for whatever situation arises in advance, so nothing gets lost over potential pitfalls like having too few combinations on hand when needed most as well as saving money because who likes paying more?

It's really up to individual preference here, but I recommend doing some research before making any decisions since everyone wants things done quickly without delay while also wanting their dollar stretched.



The fork is a sleek, well-made product that's available in three different sizes: 15 thick frames for trim to medium face shapes; 17 and 19 options if you have broader or shorter noses. It also comes with four color choices - not just black like most other sunglasses!

The Trinx M1000 includes 10-speed parts from the LTWOO line. Though these are not officially released until next year, it's clear that they look like copies of SRAM since many features have been combined into one design with no fundamental changes in performance or durability for riders who want reliable equipment at a cheap price point (less than $100). One exception is an Advanced Compression Design which allows chainstays to expand after installing larger tires, so you don't risk damage during installation - though this feature will only work correctly on bikes equipped with dual triangle frames where both triangles contact wheel axle simultaneously

The RD comes as standard black aluminum now but can also have red/silver finishing; such bike buyers might prefer matching color.


The Trinx M1000 has a three × ten-speed drivetrain. There are three plates in the front and ten back. It also comes with hydraulic disc brakes that look similar to X-spark's brand of hydro brake system attached, but Shimano non-series models would have been better because they work better than what you get on this bike, for example, when riding at high speeds or steep hillsides where more power is needed.

The crank arms are made of lightweight aluminum, and the front hub is black. The hubs have 10-speed cassettes, CST tires that measure 1.95" wide with quick releases on both sides for convenient mounting/dismounting; it also comes equipped with bolt type rotors which you'll find in all Trinx bicycles models as they're proven reliable when stopping quickly or making emergency stops due to unforeseen circumstances like an unexpected obstacle coming towards your direction!


Is the Trinx M1000 good?

At his price, he is cheap. The battalion and other parts are good too! If I gonna have a bike like this one day, the only upgrade would be hydraulic brakes (I'll replace Shimano's brand) and cog range - 11-42T, for example.



  • Model: Majesty
  • Frame: Alloy frame, internal cabling size 26 x 17″
  • Fork: Suspension (preload) 100mm travel
  • Shifters: LTWOO A3 (3 x 7 speed)
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano
  • Tires: CST Sport 26 x 1.95″



We all know that the price of a bike has been increasing with inflation, but many people don't realize how much these increases affect their daily lives. Prices for other life essential such as food and clothes have also gone up along with our cost of living, yet there's no need to worry about falling into debt because most brands increased theirs this year! So if you're looking out for an affordable ride without breaking your bank account, then consider M1000 - they promise newbies will love their first bike at just under Php 6k PHP!



  • Frame: 26" x 17"(for height 165-178cm), 19" (for height 178-185cm) Alloy Special-shaped Tubes with internal routing cables
  • Color: Matt Blue/White or Matt Black/Red


  • Pedal: Wellgo Sport
  • Saddle: Trinx Sport
  • Handlebar: Trinx Alloy Flat


  • Shifter Lever: Ltwoo SL-V5010
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-TZ30
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50
  • Cassette: Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T
  • Chain: KMC C50
  • Chainwheel: Trinx 24/34/42T*170L
  • Brake:X-SPARK HD-M220 Hydraulic Disc , 160MM


  • Hub: Joytech Sealed Bearing
  • Rim: Trinx Alloy Double Wall
  • Tire: Kenda 26"*1.95"



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