Raf Ride On Police Star Academy Junior Bike


Description :

Raf Ride On Police Star Academy Junior Bike, Little ones will rule the sidewalk with this kid-sized riding toy that can whiz along at up to 5 mph. Forward and reverse motions. Hand accelerator. Headlight, and signal light. Electronic sound. Storage box. Chromed details. Requires one 6V rechargeable 1 battery and charger, included. Adult supervision recommended.

Features :

  1. Battery Voltage 6 volt 1 battery
  2. Material Type(s) Plastic
  3. Package Dimensions 56x40x60
  4. Tyre Types Plastic
  5. Suggested Age 2-5 Years Depending on child health and growth

Cautions :

This toy should only be used on dry, flat/even, hard and level surfaces such as a cut lawn or patio. It should not be used on gradients, soft surfaces such as sand, gravel and mud OR uneven surfaces such as fields and paddocks.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


2-4 business days

2-5 years