Little Ninja playset
Little Ninja playset
Little Ninja playset
Little Ninja playset
Little Ninja playset

MEGASTAR Little Ninja Indoor & Outdoor Gym Playset

Dhs. 1,299
Dhs. 1,299
Choose Your Door Frame Size: 60-85cms
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Little Ninja playset

MEGASTAR Little Ninja Indoor & Outdoor Gym Playset

Dhs. 1,299

MEGASTAR Little Ninja Indoor & Outdoor Gym Playset

Dhs. 1,299
Choose Your Door Frame Size: 60-85cms


Where Play & Fitness Meet at Your Doorway. Always Keep Your Kids Active With Our Little Ninja Doorway Playgym

Importance of Play In A child's life :

  • Play is an important part of a Child's early development. Playing helps young children’s brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature.
  • Early childhood games Like swinging, Jumping, and Climbing are vital to laying the foundations for formal education. Learning usually starts with parents or caretakers engaging with, playing with, and responding to the child.
  • Roughly 80% of brain development is completed by age three and 90 % by age five. This means a child cannot wait for primary school for learning to begin. Physical activity is essential to our emotional and mental well-being. In addition to developing fine and gross motor skills by regular playing, children also develop language and cognitive skills. It helps children learn how to communicate, solve problems, and be creative.
  • This is where we would like to Introduce Our Little Ninja doorway Indoor Playgym Which Comes As A Big Blessing, Especially during the current times Of pandemic, where children have been unable to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play. This Playset can help enhance Not Only Your Kids' Play and fitness Routine but even Yours as a parent or a Guardian.
  • Climbing frames, trapeze bars, swings, and Climbing Ladders have long been associated with the outdoors, but no longer. Let us introduce you to some pretty interesting pieces of equipment that can be set up easily and safely at your home.


Multifunctional Indoor PlayGym Bar: Adults and kids can use the support bar as a chin-up for home gym exercise fitness.
Indoor Fun for Kids and Adults: This whole indoor playset includes An Ultra Safe Seat Swing For Toddlers, A Regular baby swing, an adjustable Pull-up Bar, A trapeze swing bar with 2  Rings, A high-quality Climbing Rope & a Wooden  Climbing Ladder in addition to the 3 sets of Strong hanging bands and Buckles to attach the different accessories To The Pull-up bar. Kids can choose and change their favorite accessories to play and exercise at home, bringing hours of fun. If you want to exercise, the pull-up bar is a good choice.
Strong and Safe PULL-UP BAR: The pull-up bar can easily support up to  150 kg with its quadruple security protection, including a lock mechanism, threaded extension rod, and soft brackets, which are more sturdy and safer for kids and adults to play with it.
Easy Installation: Attaches to your door frame or wall in seconds. No drilling, holes, bolts, or damage to the door or wall. Fits most standard doorways wide with a regular trim. The width of the bar is adjustable, and we provide 2 sizes for the wall frames as follows” 60- 95 cm “ and “80 – 120 cm “

FREE BONUS SET OF ROOF ATTACHMENTS: You can remove the bar and install your playground On Your Roof with a FREE BONUS SET OF ROOF ATTACHMENTEnjoy your Fun Time anytime and anywhere.


Megastar Kids Climbing Wooden Ladder:

This wooden climbing ladder is a great exercise for children. Safe material, non-toxic, and no odour, you can use it without worry. The distance of how many ladder layers decide your kids' height. It is a good exercise for a baby's health, sleeping, and many other benefits.   Guaranteed optimal safety and balance. The distance can be adjusted decided on your kids' height.

Material: wooden, PE rope

Sticks:L45xDiamφ3.5CM,PE Rope:DiamØ10MMxH2M

Weight capacity:150kg

Suitable age:3 +

Megastar EVA swing:

This play swing seat is made of high-quality and durable materials to ensure long life. Sitting on this classic nostalgic swing, you will immediately return to the warm outdoor games of the past and the refreshing summer breeze of childhoodHelp your child grow up healthy and happy. The swing seat is designed for children and teenagers. Suitable for children to swing outdoors or indoors. Durable safe and versatile AND ADJUSTABLE AS PER CHILD's HEIGHT.

.Sturdy safe and durable nylon rope - Our swing uses a heavy-duty adjustable nylon cord that can withstand all weather conditions without breaking or loosening.

A rugged seat that won't break or split around the clock and won't damage the nylon cord. Please be assured that your child is safe on this swing.


Material: Soft & safe EVA

Size: L66.5xW14CM (+1.5M plastic coated chain)

Weight capacity:150kg

Suitable age:3+ 

Megastar Trapeze Swing Bar:

COMFORTABLE AND ANTI-SKID trapeze rings for swing set- Comfortable Surface and anti-skid to hold and use, will not scratch your hands.                        

Don't spend hours putting parts together. Unpack, hang and enjoy!


Adjustable design to meet your children's different needs. Improves arm strength, and exercises the waist muscles.

STURDY & DURABLE - Children's trapeze rings for swing set is made of high-quality plastic material, which is sturdy and durable for long use.

IMPROVE CHILDREN MOTOR SKILLS - Help children improve their motor skills and exercise their body strength, such as hands, fingers, legs and feet. For indoor and outdoor use/children and adults, body control & balance          

SPECS: Material: plastic+wood

Handle size:16*21*2.2cm

Wooden stick size:45*3.5cm

Weight Capacity 120KG

Suitable age: 3+

Megastar Toddler Seat Swing:  

Eco-friendly Material - Made of high-quality, durable plastic

Adjustable height, The nylon rope for the swing is fully adjustable, and the baby swing seat outdoors can be adjusted to any height you need.

Easy to install, Double-Safe Design, front T bar guard, and the back (which has a safety belt attached) ensure your kids' safety, the special design of the buckle for nylon rope protects the swing from tipping, twisting, or rolling.

This Infant and Toddler swing seat is the best swing set you will find in Uae Dubai.


Material: HDPE PLASTIC                        

size:37*23*40 cm                                        

Weight Capacity 60 KG                              

Suitable age: 6- 36 MONTHS                      

Elevated seat back for increased comfort,

Megastar Heavy Duty Doorway Pull-up bar:

Length: 60 - 95cm Or 80- 120  cm

Weight capacity: 150kg

Door frame: 80 - 120cm / 80 – 120 cms

This doorway pull-up bar for home is a high-quality strong bar for kids and adults both. 

Megastar Rope Climbing Tree Swing Frame:

Material: PE rope, plastic disc

Rope length:2m

Small disc diameter:11cm

Large disc diameter:30cm

Weight capacity:150kg

Suitable age: 3+

This Climbing Rope Ladder attachment can also be used Indoors and outdoors.

Megastar High strength Connect belt, Roof attachments, and buckle:

SAFETY -Designed for hanging a swing without harming the To prevent the straps from coming off while swinging, we designed our Roof Connecter to include a heavy-duty screw lock. Each strap has extra stitching on the metal ring fabric loops, providing sturdy and reliable attachment without tearing apart at the seams. Use Our Attachments to hang all types of swings, patio swings, porch swings, hanging chairs, baby carrier swings, porch swings, and more. Both straps can be installed in under 5 minutes. No drilling or tools are needed. Unlike other swing hangers, with our straps, you won't need a drill or any other tools to start having fun.

Megastar High strength Connect belt, Roof Attachments & Buckles

Material: buckles made of strong quality steel and woven cloth

Weight capacity:200kg  

No Of Belts : 3 No Of Buckles : 3 No Of Roof Attachments: 2 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Adam Connor
Helps keep my kids away from screen time

So i broght this just recently as i live in a flat and kids cant go out much due to my fear of covid.. i must say my kids are loving it.. i have attached it on my roof as my boys are bog and the attachments are so amazing i cant even tell u... the swing the trapeze bars and the rope is their all time favourite... great investment at an even better peice!!

Loved the Multiple attachements

Broght this really handy playset and its a fabulous way to keep my kids occupied.. best part is i can use it on my roof as well as on the doorway its going to be so helpful to keep my kids busy all through summer vacation where its too hot for them to play outside..Thanks raf u guys did a great job in delivering on time

Good quality

Took a few trys to find the right tree due to living on a hilly property and it was easy and simple to put up try out change mind and move to a new spot 3 times. I used a ladder but was hard to reach high enough branches so I just put the metal latch hook that was included, slung it up over branch, hooked a stick into the metal piece and pulled through loop on strap, pulled tight and hooked on rope swing. Everything went very smooth. The swing did not have the option to knot the bottom to shorten it like mentioned. I did knot it above the seat which works out for my three year old to hang on to. Looks neat and tidy not cluttering up front yard but making it a playful space we love it.

Patricia G.
My Kids Love this

Ordered a week ago, arrive quickly and my kids love to play with this. just a great toy to have during this pandemic. :)

J. A. Kelly
Exactly as advertised! Daughter LOVES it!

Seems pretty well made - rope is very soft on the hands. Plastic seems well made and durable. I like the strap to tree connection - seems less damaging than a rope or chain hung on a limb. I like the devices that lock the discs to the rope. My only issue - the carabiner for connecting swing rope to tree strap seems REALLY cheap. I was not expecting steel, but this seems like it was made from melted down aluminum cans. It will hold - don't get me wrong, but the locking screw component is pretty bad - I'd consider spending $5-10 to get a better quality piece. But my daughter loves the swings, the vibrant colors, and how easy it for her to hop on! (we did know the lowest disc to get it up a bit higher). Definitely recommend this product, especially at this reasonable price.

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