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Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box | White
Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box | White
Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box | White

Megawheels Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box for sightseeing

Dhs. 31,999
Dhs. 31,999
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Megawheels Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box for sightseeing

Megawheels Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box for sightseeing

Dhs. 31,999

Megawheels Electric golf cart 2 seater with short cargo box for sightseeing

Dhs. 31,999

Description of Electric golf cart 2 seaters with short cargo box for sightseeing:


Streamline look gives GREENMAN CAR an agile and excellent look, which will help clubs distinguish their fleet from other average cars. And the forming of the body is achieved via plastic injection, vacuum, and blow molding to add in both tensile and yield st.


The materials used here are impact-resisting and automotive engineering grade PP. The hollow structure prevents possible impact that may deform the chassis frame by denting and re-bouncing to absorb the shock energy to provide better protection.


Seat with PU material surface, good weather resistance, and a support board with waterproof glue, not easy to water. The interior material of the seat is soft foam with high resilience, which has good comfort.


Our canopy is a one-piece structure that provides the largest rain and sun shades. The canopy has built-in drain spouts that channel water straight to the ground, away from passengers and the sweater basket.


Our chassis use the best industry standard of aluminum alloy, which is significantly lighter than steel frame and much stronger in both tensile and yield strength to give you a comfortable and safe ride.


As in your car suspension, we use spiral damping springs to eliminate the nuisance of vibration and shocks. Our suspension creates an extra cushion for your seat.


KDS Motor features one of the industry‘s best responsiveness to speed controllers, enabling GREENMAN CAR to have an equally smooth ride in hilly or flat terrain.


The integrated pressure-die-casting aluminum gearbox housing is tightly sealed; Power is transmitted via mesh and involute teeth bevel gears, which generate steady output torque, lower noise, and much better efficiency


We specified the Curtis models bundled with Charging protection and anti-skipping regenerating braking to give customers more safety redundancy downhill riding.


Primer, colour paint, and varnish are coated layer by layer with a color register process to highlight the agility and elegance of our vehicle. UV-proof ingredients are added in the coating process to enhance our vehicle stands to the test of sunlight.


Our tubeless golf and utility tires carry their load without wear and tear on the fairway and ride smoothly on paved paths.


Automotive standards are applied in the water-resistant design of the lights. The smart light shape uses LED cold illumination for sufficient brightness, illuminating distance, and energy saving. Tail lights indicate clearly when braking.
Guide the rocker
High-strength carbon steel casting guide rocker arm, one body, with reinforcement, high strength, not easy to break.

Painting of colors: Kindly make note colors can be painted On special Demand at ADDITIONAL CHARGES 

Features of Electric golf cart 2 seaters with short cargo box for sightseeing:

  • Two-Seater Utility Vehicle H102
  • Luxury U.S imported Controllers
  • Eco-friendly pp injected body
  • Electromagnetic excitation brake & Electric parking.
  • Loading capacity is 400KGS with the cargo box
  • Super hydraulic lifting can control the cargo at your ease
  • Body: High-strength and Impact Resistant Composite Eco-friendly PP Injected, body colour customized.
  • Parking: High-performance Electronic Parking
  • Bodywork
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Body: High-strength and impact-resistant composite material injected
  • Bodywork parameters
  • Wheel:base1650mm
  • Front-wheel tread:870mmRear wheel tread:950mm
  • Width of seat:50cm Seating capacity:2
  • Carrying Capacity:360kgs
  • Turning radius (m):2.8m
  • Maximum speed:30km/h
  • Power system
  • Driving system: Gear-driven, Stepless speed change, Electric rear drive
  • Motor:KDS(3.7 kW) DC Separately Excited(imported)
  • Battery: maintenance-free battery 8V × 6 - 48 v 
  • Charger:48V 25A computer-controlled charger
  • Speed controller: TOYOTA controller
  • Gear ratio:12.49
  • Maximum climbing ability:30%
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Steering system: Rack and pinion steering system, automatic rocker compensating function
  • Front suspension: Macpherson independent suspension
  • Rear suspension: Multileaf spring suspension + cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
  • Brake system: Rear drum brake +Electric parking system
  • Automatic speed control system: Controller+ Induction motors
  • Autobrake System: Controller+ Induction motors
  • Braking distance:≤ 4m
  • Wheel & Tyr:18X8.50-8,4layer superior tread tire"

Age, weight & Seat Capacity:

MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY shipping time warranty Age Group No of Seats cargo box dimension  (LXWXH)
470  kg 5 -7 DAYS 1 yr on motor & controller 16+ YRS 2 780 mm x 1100 mm x 300 mm



ℹ️ Cautions:

Kindly charge the battery before the first usage for at least 10-12 hrs. before the first usage
Do not overcharge the battery beyond 5-7hours max
-As soon as the speed goes low, put it on the charger before draining off the battery. If not, the battery will die completely and you will not be held responsible.
-Ensure not to keep the product unused/uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
-Avoid water near the battery and engine. Just clean it with a damp cloth.
- Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity sit on the item, or else it is bound to stop working. Avoid sharp, pointed, and rocky roads - Avoid the sun, Heat Water. - Kindly Take the Installation option if you need technical assistance, as it's important to have the technical know-how to assemble the product.
These vehicles are prohibited on public highways, slopes, sand, slippery, soft, or uneven terrain. Use only on flat terrain,
avoid driving in water and pits.
Children cannot dispose of or take the battery out of the vehicle.
Please avoid collisions between vehicles and people and objects
Please ensure the vehicle is stationary before changing the forward and reverse gears.
When not in use, please keep the vehicle away from high-temperature or flammable areas


📦Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. And avoid complete drainage of the battery.

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