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How Outdoor Play Can Benefit Kids

by faisal khan 01 Jun 2023

Kids playing outside: Kids use screens like phones, computers, tablets, and TV for seven hours daily. Less busy outdoor activities are chosen by kids today, which could hurt their health and quality of life. Like you, most parents know that their kids spend more time awake inside than outside.

Influential people and the media have noticed for years that kids don't play as much as they used to. "Let's Move!" by Michelle Obama in 2010 is one example. News stories about kids who would rather play on their computers than outside are still familiar after more than ten years. Many parents know that moving benefits the whole family but don't understand why.
You want your kids to be healthy, well-rounded people who care about themselves and others when they grow up. The best place to teach your kids these things is outside.

Kids Playing Outside

Getting kids outside and away from their electronics suits their physical health and social and mental growth. Going to a nature park or taking a family hike through the woods are good ways to spend time outside.

Kids Playing Outside help in preschool and elementary school grow physically. Children's health, weight, and immune systems are all affected by how much they play outside. Kids who do a lot tend to move around more. Playing outside with young children helps them learn how to live healthily. Compared to their friends, kids who live outside have these traits.

Physical Growth Benefits of Kids Playing Outside

Kids playing outside

During preschool and grade school, children's physical growth is helped by time spent outside. Kids Playing outside directly affects a child's health, weight, and immune system. Most of the time, busy kids are more likely to exercise regularly.

Encouraging young children to play outside helps them create a good attitude about staying active. Compared to their friends, kids who spend more time outside tend to have the following traits.

Advanced Motor Skills

Kids playing outside

Kids playing outside can get better at speed, balance, and rhythm than kids who spend most of their time inside. When children play, they often engage in physical activities that test their strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children can walk, play, and jump when they are out. They're able to play catch. They can climb trees, crawl under bushes, and ride bikes.

When kids get to play sports, it's good for both their health and their self-esteem. Kids who play sports can also work on skills like kicking, catching, and hitting when they spend more time outside, depending on what they need to do for their sport.

Body Mass Index

In 1980, only 7% of children met the standards for being obese. Three decades later, more than one out of every three kids could be considered obese. Children moving in ways that strain their muscles, bones, and stamina when playing outdoors are more inclined to do so.

Kids playing outside are more active than those who don't, making them less likely to get fat. They don't spend hours and hours in front of the TV or computer. Instead, they are keeping busy and burning calories by being outside.

One study examining preschool-aged children's body mass index (BMI) found a direct link between their BMI and their time spent playing outside. Parents who let their kids play outside for longer usually had kids with a lower BMI than parents who put limits on how long their kids could play outside.

Better General Health

Limiting your child's chance of becoming obese has many long-term health benefits. Children who are fat or overweight have a higher risk of developing asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, and heart disease. Your child's mood will improve, and their immune system will be more robust if they spend time in the sun. Children with ADHD can also benefit from playing outside because it gives them a safe way to release energy that can cause problems when they are inside.

The body produces vitamin D, popularly known as the "sunshine vitamin," when exposed to sunlight. Children who play outdoors may consume the recommended quantity of this vitamin. While some items already contain it, most children need more than what their diets can provide. Allowing your kids to play outside on sunny days is one of the most excellent methods to ensure they receive enough.

Kids need enough vitamin D to build bones and teeth that are strong and healthy. One of the essential parts of bone is a chemical called calcium phosphate, which the body can only receive if it has enough vitamin D. Scientists are still looking into this vitamin's effects, but here are some other possible benefits:

  • Boosted the defense system.
  • Better ability to avoid getting sick.
  • The mood got better.
  • Less likely that a child will be overweight.

Getting stronger muscles

Children get stronger and more coordinated when kids are playing outside. Think about swinging as an example. As kids figure out how to move with the swing, they use all their muscles to hold on and sit up.

Swinging may seem tedious to do over and over on the field, but it helps kids build their muscles. Your child's muscles will also be used and strengthened by other outdoor toys like bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

Encouraging Kids to Play Outdoors With Rafplay

One of the finest strategies to encourage children to exercise and enjoy being outside is to let them play in parks. At Rafplay, we want to make fun places to play so that parks can be fun again. is one of the largest and oldest companies that sell exercise equipment UAE. We're glad to say that we're still one of the best companies regarding safety and new ideas. We love selling goods that are so important to your child's growth and development, and we don't take that lightly.

You might create a room according to your choices and demands by working with our creators. With your assistance, we can build a playground that inspires you to play outdoors. To learn more, visit our website about our products and services.


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