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Exploring the Best Above Ground Pools for Your Backyard

by faisal khan 14 Aug 2023

Many people dream of having their pool, and now it's easier than ever to get one. Above ground pools are cheap and easy to set up. In-ground pools must be built with industrial tools and cost more than some cars. But an above ground pool is a simple way to make any garden more fun. Today's market has many styles, materials, and sizes of above ground types. Large, rectangular above the ground pool are great for parties in the summer. Oval Above ground pools that are smaller and movable are great for young children. If you want to stay cool without spending much money, the best above ground swimming pools can make your yard feel like a holiday spot.

How we chose the best above ground pools

Our choices for splashy things are based on our tests, study, suggestions, reviews, and other people's words. Aboveground pools are right up there, with grills as one of our favourite things to use outside. We looked at the specs and different points of view until we had a list of options that fit every yard and need.

Review and Recommendations

Trying to order a pool online is like getting a haircut through email. But pools today are easy to use, and the sizes and measurements are listed in the product descriptions to get a good idea of what the finished product will look like. So, use our guide to help you find a swimming pool that fits your garden, can hold your favourite pool float, looks great next to your inflatable hot tub, and has the style and features you want in a warm-weather oasis. Just remember to bring sunscreen with you when you go shopping.

Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump

 Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump

The best above ground pool there is. Soft grey laminated pool liners, bright white copings, and blue tile print interiors that look like pool water are always in style. With their different shapes, the steel frame pieces are easy to slide and lock together. And it's a great place to swim laps and play volleyball.

  • Rust resistance: Powder covering the inside and outside ensures the metal won't rust. Height of the pool: 48in or higher
  • Rust-resistant, coated Steel. The strong frames will last many years of fun in the backyard.
  • SUPER-TOUGHTM layered sidewalls are three times as strong as other sidewalls because they are made of three different layers of material.
  • In 90 minutes, you can add water. 90% of the water volume is 14,364 gallons.


Height Size In Inches": 52"

Length Size In Feet: Up To 32'

Water Capacity: 54368 Liters

Water Pump Included: 28648 Sand Filter Pump 2800 gal/hour

Intex Graphite Panel Round Pool 478x124cm


Intex Graphite Panel Round Pool 478x124cm

The flooring is made of high-quality plastic, making the pool waterproof and water-repellent, giving it a nice wood look. It's great for decorating any yard.

With a 478cm circle, there is a lot of space and room for many people so the whole family can have fun together. Find the right pool flat spot and put the water into the Intex Graphite Panel Pool. In just an hour, your pool will be ready.

This Intex pool's liner is made from high-quality, SUPER-TOUGH material. It has 3 layers: the middle one is made of polyester, and the two outside layers are made of ultra-resistant PVC. This construction makes the pool strong, flexible, and long-lasting.

Technical Feature

  • Size: 478 cm (diameter) x 124 cm (height)
  • Liner made of 3-layer SUPER-TOUGH® Material
  • Structure made of grey zinc-plated Steel
  • Intex sand filter pump: 4m3/H, 220-240 V (Certification CE / TÜV), Sand capacity: 18,5kgs
  • Intex pool ladder (high-quality and sturdy steps made of anti-slip plastic)



The Bestway® Hydrium™ Steel Wall Above Ground Pool Set is perfect for families looking for a more affordable, permanent option to incorporate into their backyard! With its ultra-durable construction and innovative features, this pool is meant to last season after season. With proper maintenance, a Hydrium pool will give your family plenty of summer swimming memories!

 Durable Construction

 Constructed with corrosion-resistant galvanized Steel, this pool is built for longevity. The walls, top ledge, and frame are all made from 100% steel and coated in a zinc layer to prevent rust and damage from weather elements. The unique steel ridge design along the pool wall provides extra support to ensure your pool is always in top-notch shape. Along the inside of the pool, the attractive Prismatic Stone™ liner features a UV-resistant coating to prevent discolouration or cracking under the sun.

 Semi-Permanent DIY Setup

 The durable construction materials allow the pool to remain in your backyard all year, so you can easily incorporate it into your landscaping. No need to take it down and reconstruct it next year. The DIY Steel Wall Pool Kit includes almost everything you need to set it up - all you need is a screwdriver, wrench, and a knife!


Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump

 This Bestway® Hydrium™ Steel Wall Above Ground Pool set comes with a sand filter, a surface skimmer, a ladder, a ground cloth, a pool cover, and a ChemConnect™ chemical dispenser. The sand filter is an excellent alternative to a traditional cartridge filter pump with a longer lifespan, and the surface skimmer attaches to the side of the pool to work with the filter to remove unwanted debris from the water. The ChemConnect chemical dispenser provides a stable level of chlorine throughout the pool.


Material: Steel Wall and Floor
Product Size: 5.49 m x 1.30 m (18 ft. x 52 in.)
Application: Swimming Pool Outdoor
Feature: Easy Install
Shape: Round
Gross Weight: 225.14kg
CBM: 0.935 cbm
Carton Size: 92*62*164cm
Colour: Wood painting

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Above Ground Pool

Choosing an aboveground pool's easier than you think. These swimming pools are made to be easy to set up and require little care. Size and style will be your most important choices. But before you jump in, you should know what to do and what not to do when picking an aboveground pool.

Picking the Right Pool Size

When looking for the best pool, the first thing to look at is the size of the aboveground pool. The most accessible pools are small, inflatable aboveground pools with less than 1,000 gallons of water. Just blow it up when you want to swim and let the air out when you're done. There are no filters or poisons to worry about. It's a bathtub in the backyard, which is great for kids. 

Large aboveground pools with more than 1,000 gallons of water will need more care. Since these pools are always full of water, they need a filter and chemicals to keep the water clear and algae-free. Larger pools are more complex to take care of than inflatable pools. These big aboveground models are straightforward to care for daily and weekly. And it's easier to take care of an aboveground pool than a more expensive in-ground pool. Large aboveground pools can hold 8,000 to 15,000 gallons of water and can be more than 30 feet long. 

Remember to check how deep it is. Even though aboveground pools are usually less deep than in-ground pools, they may still be too deep for young children or people needing help swimming. (In as little as 1 inch of water, a child can die.) About 4.5 feet of water can go to the bottom of the more extensive ponds. Some small pools are only 3 inches deep. 

Type of Above Ground Swimming Pool

  • After you choose the size, you need to decide what kind of aboveground pool you want: Inflatable, with a steel frame, a plastic frame, an aluminium frame, a combination frame, or a half-ground frame. Don't worry; it is more complicated than it seems. 
  • Inflatable pools are easy to understand: Blow it up, put water in it, and you're ready to go. 
  • Aboveground types with a steel frame are held together by steel supports that go straight up. Plastic, vinyl, or cement can be used to make the walls and floor of the pool. Even though these pools are robust, they are heavy and may rust. Even Steel gets warm in the sun. Metal-frame pools are lighter than steel-frame pools, but the metal needs love, care, and a protective covering to keep it from rusting. 
  • Strong plastic is used to make aboveground pools made of resin. They are lighter and won't rust like steel frame pools. They can also take a lot of force without breaking, but they are more expensive.
  • Hybrid pools are solid and last long because they are made from more than one material. Things are kept light and cool with resin. Everything is held in place by steel supports. These blend types are cheaper than plastic pools and offer the best of both worlds. 
  • A more stable option is a semi-inground pool. These pools are made with a strong wall of stone or plastic that fits the outdoor decor. They are also called heated pools. They are made to fit your home, so you can change them in ways you can't with a store-bought pool. But they are expensive and last a long time. The good thing is that radiant pools look just like stylish in-ground pools.

Pool placement

Even though aboveground pools can be used in many different ways, they can't be put anywhere. Even a small hill can cause the water to push against the pool's walls, putting uneven pressure on the walls and liner. Putting a few bags of sand on the ground can help make things more even. 

You must follow the rules and codes for buildings in your area when putting an aboveground type. It generally means you can only close a pool to a power or property line. 

You must also leave two to three feet of room around the pool so people can get in and out quickly. You'll need an ample, flat, open space with grass, sand, or dirt. Could you not put it on brick or concrete? Stay away from trees. And only put it on a deck if the deck is ready for a pool and made for the job.

Saltwater Pool vs. Chlorine

Most aboveground pools use harsh chemicals like chlorine to keep the water clear. But an aboveground pool filled with salt water is safer. Saltwater pools still need chemicals to keep them clean, but they don't need nearly as much. People who want to use less chemicals and don't want to deal with much upkeep are turning to saltwater pools. 

It also feels better to swim in cold water. Because the water has fewer chemicals, it is not as hard on your eyes and face. 

Setting up an aboveground saltwater pool is as easy as any other one. You can also buy a kit that will turn a chlorine pool into a saltwater pool.


Again, inflatable aboveground pools are the easiest to set up. Use a pump to add air to the pool, then fill it with water. When installing a pool with vertical supports, there are a few more steps to take. Even though each pool has its directions, most can be set up in the afternoon and don't need extra power tools if everything fits together nicely. But you will need a hand or two to keep from getting upset. Make sure the area is level, set out all the parts, and know how the cover goes on the pool. Setting up the pool should be easy if you take your time. 

Where to Get the Best Above Ground Swimming Pools in UAE

There are three main places to buy an above ground swimming pools: online sites, specific web shops, and Rafplay in Dubai. Online buying is convenient and often has good deals, but specialized stores offer expert help. But Rafplay stands out as the best option because it has an extensive range, customer reviews, special deals, and accessible setup services in the UAE.


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