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The Boom of Electric Scooters in the UAE: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

by faisal khan 10 May 2023

With technology improving and more people caring about the environment, the boom of electric scooters has become a popular way to get around the world. But there are no exceptions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to this trend; the number of people using and buying electric scooters there has grown significantly in recent years. In this piece, we'll talk about why electric scooters are becoming so popular, what they're suitable for, and some of the most famous ones you can buy in the UAE.


The number of people using electric scooters in the UAE has grown significantly recently. These small, environmentally friendly vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as a valuable option for cars and motorbikes. With their many benefits and the facilities in place to help them, electric scooters are changing how people get around in the UAE.

UAE's Increasing Use of Electric Scooters

Increasing Popularity

Boom of electric scooters has become very popular in the UAE because they are easy to use in many different ways. Commuters find them especially useful for short trips, like going to work, running errands, or visiting the city. Electric scooters are small, so riders can quickly get through busy streets and around cars. It cuts down on journey time and stress.

Benefits of Electric Scooters

Aside from being easy to use, the boom of electric scooters has several other advantages. Their environmental friendliness is undoubtedly a strong point. Electric scooters don't cause any pollution, so they are a better ecological choice than gas-powered cars. In a place like the UAE, where ecology and lowering carbon footprints are critical, electric scooters fit perfectly with the country's goal for a better future.

Also, electric scooters are a good deal. Due to their high fuel consumption and subsequent high maintenance costs, vehicle and motorcycle ownership has become more costly in recent years. On the other hand, electric scooters have lower running costs because they run on electricity, which is cheaper and more stable. Electric scooters also tend to have lower upkeep costs because they are easier to build and have fewer moving parts.

Environmental Impact

The UAE government has strongly supported cleaner modes of transportation and reduced carbon emissions. The government also has invested in charging stations and other infrastructure for electric cars as part of its environmental protection initiatives. Because riders can now readily locate locations to charge their electric scooters, this infrastructural upgrade has been crucial in attracting more people to utilize electric scooters.

Factors Driving the Boom

Government projects

The UAE government also has instituted several policies and incentives to encourage the usage of electric scooters. Supporting the growth of charging infrastructure, subsidizing electric scooter purchases, and regulating their use are all part of this. But these restrictions have boosted electric scooter sales in the UAE.

Cost Savings

Riding boom of electric scooters may be a huge money saver compared to a standard car. With the rising cost of gasoline, riding an electric bike is a practical and economical alternative. Electricity to charge an electric scooter is substantially cheaper than the fuel for a vehicle or motorcycle. Electric bicycles have fewer moving parts and are simpler to maintain, so they don't need as many costly repairs.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic jams, especially in cities, are one of the biggest problems for people who live in the UAE. Electric bikes are an excellent way to deal with this issue. Their small size lets riders get through crowded streets and get where they need to go faster. By taking the boom of electric scooters to work instead of cars or bicycles, workers can help ease traffic and reduce journey time.

Convenience and Portability

Electric scooters are small and easy to carry, which makes them great for getting around cities. They are easy to fold and carry on public transportation or store in small places like businesses or flats. It causes electric scooters more enticing, particularly for those with limited parking or who utilize many modes of transportation.

Electric Scooters for Sale in UAE

Now, Let's examine some popular famous electric scooters for sale in the UAE:

Ducati Pro III Electric Scooter


Style and speed come together in the Ducati Pro III Electric Scooter. It has a sleek form, a strong motor, and a battery that lasts a long time. The Ducati Pro III has an advanced suspension system built to last. It also makes it a smooth and easy bike to ride. It comes with things like LED lights, disc brakes, and a computer monitor that make it safer.

Foldable Speedy Flash Ten Electric Scooter


The Foldable Speedy Flash Ten boom of electric scooters are also made for people who want to take it with them and go fast. It can travel up to 60 km/h., making riding exciting. The scooter can be folded up, which makes it easy to store and move. It has a solid 1000-watt motor, lights in front and back, and a computerized gauge.

Megawheels X7 Pro Max Electric Scooter


The Megawheels X7 Pro Max Electric Scooter is flexible on various surfaces. It is also made of solid materials, has two suspensions, and has big, air-filled tires to make it more stable and comfortable. The scooter can go up to 30 km/h and has a long battery life, which makes it great for longer trips.

Foldable 36V Electric Scooter Richbit Series


The Richbit Series Foldable 36V Electric Scooter is also made for getting around cities. Its lightweight body and folding design give it a good mix of speed and flexibility. The scooter has an engine that works well, disc brakes, and a comfy seat. It's an excellent way to get to work daily because it's smooth and quick.

The Beast High Power Electric Scooter


The Beast High Power Electric Scooter is a high-performance type for off-road activities. However, It has two 2000-watt motors and a 60V battery, which gives it a lot of speed and power. The scooter is made of solid materials, has big off-road tires, and has high-tech support to handle different terrains. It has a computerized dashboard, LED lights, and disc brakes.

MW E10 Foldable Electric Scooter


The MW E10 Foldable Electric Scooter is a practical option that can be used in urban and suburban settings. The item may be folded up for storage. But the lightweight construction makes it convenient for transport and stowage. The scooter's motor is 800 watts, making it fast yet somewhat fuel efficient. For comfort and security, it incorporates a plush seat, bright LED lighting, and an LCD screen.

Comparing Electric Scooter Prices

Compare pricing and specs before buying a boom of electric scooters in the UAE. Electric bike prices:

  1. Ducati Pro III Electric Scooter: The price range starts from AED 2,999.
  2. Foldable Speedy Flash Ten Electric Scooter: The price range starts from AED 1,699.
  3. Megawheels X7 Pro Max Electric Scooter: The price ranges from AED 1,799.
  4. Foldable 36V Electric Scooter Richbit Series: The price range starts from AED 1,999.
  5. The Beast High Power Electric Scooter: Price range starts from AED 4,999.
  6. MW E10 Foldable Electric Scooter: The price range starts from AED 1,499.

It's essential to remember that prices can also change based on specs, battery size, brand name, and extra features.


The popularity of electric scooters in the UAE shows that people want more ways to get around that are green and efficient. Electric scooters have many perks, such as saving money, reducing carbon pollution, and being easy to use. The UAE government's programs and facilities have been critical in getting people to use the boom of electric scooters.

There are many different kinds of electric scooters for sale in the UAE, so people can find one that fits their wants and tastes. Electric bikes are a valuable and eco-friendly way to get around, whether for daily travel, pleasure rides, or off-road activities.

So, get on an electric bike and join the green change in the UAE!

Frequently Ask Questions

How fast can a UAE electric scooter go?

The United Arab Emirates has varying regulations depending on the make and model of electric scooters. Most electric bikes can reach 25–60 km/h. Although, Ride safely and legally by obeying the speed limit.

Can you go a long way on an electric scooter?

Most individuals who ride electric bikes do so in urban areas, and these bikes are designed primarily for short to medium distances. Battery life for electric bikes varies widely; some may go up to 30 kilo Metres on a single charge. But Models with more extensive battery ranges or other modes of transportation should be considered for lengthy journeys.

How much do electric bikes cost on average in UAE?

Prices for electric motorcycles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may also vary widely based on factors including manufacturer, model year, and optional accessories. Electric bikes in the United Arab Emirates typically cost between AED 1,500 and 5,000.

UAE electric scooter laws?

The United Arab Emirates may also restrict the usage of electric bikes in some areas. Staying on designated paths and obeying traffic laws is crucial to your safety and the lawfulness of your riding.


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