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Advantages of Electric Golf Carts: Cost, Environment, Performance, and More!

by faisal khan 26 May 2023

If you want Electric Golf Carts, there are others besides you. Many individuals want to own one of these practical vehicles. These machines can use for mowing, gardening, farming, going around college campuses or event sites, running short chores around your neighborhood, and so much more.

Choose a gas or electric golf cart early. Electric buggies are helpful, so Rafplay Golf Car Sales listed why you might like them more than their gas-powered cousins. Contact our sales department if you'd like more information about the electric golf carts we have available in UAE.

Technical Benefits Use Electric Golf Carts

Lower Initial Cost

The actual price of your final electric buggy will rely on the brand and type, and many models are on the pricey side. Gas-powered golf carts are usually much more expensive than electric ones. Their insides are more straightforward than gas models and require fewer parts.

Lower Operational Cost

The same thing that makes electric golf carts cheaper to buy makes them more affordable. Over time, a gas-powered model will need to have its oil and parts replaced, which will cost time and money. Batteries for an electric buggy only need to be changed occasionally and checked for water about once a month. Your battery will last around five years if you take good care of it.

Electric Golf Carts Environmentally Friendly

If you use your gas golf cart, you might bother the other players around you. It is because these vehicles give off dangerous fumes. Electric golf carts are suitable for the earth and don't put out any pollution. Even the fact that they don't need to have parts changed out as often makes them more "green" than their gas-powered peers. 

No Noise Pollution

You can put a muffler on your gas golf cart but can't let the engine noises disappear. It can end up making golf greens less peaceful. Electric golf carts are made to be as quiet as possible, and hunters use them because they don't scare away animals. If your neighborhood has rules against making too much noise, you should get an electric horse. 

Less Electric Golf Carts Depreciation

Your electric golf cart has less than fifty working parts, while a gas-powered one has more than a thousand. It means that gas buggies are worth less than electric ones when you want to sell or trade them. If you look at any collection of used golf carts, you will find a few well-kept gas types because they need to hold their value well. 

Great Performance

Early electric buggies didn't perform as well as their gas-powered peers, but later models have better speed and agility and can easily match the performance of gas-powered carts. With features like regenerative brakes, you can even charge the batteries when the car slows down or goes downhill. 


Golf cart repair is not only a lot cheaper than car maintenance, but it's also pretty easy. Golf carts are simple tools; if you care for them and pay attention to them, you can escape having to make significant, expensive repairs.

BENEFITS OF OWNING A Electric Golf Carts

Golf Carts

Can you only use golf carts for play? No, you fool! Golf carts are great for many different things, from work to play. Golf carts have several advantages. Here are some notable ones.

Simple Usage of Electric Golf Carts

Owning an electric golf cart is easier on your mind and your wallet than owning a gas-powered one. You won't need to continue paying for petrol; fixing it will take much less time and money. With an electric cart, you can go to places that don't allow gas-powered carts because of the pollution they cause. You can also use any regular power source to charge them. 


Want to cut down on your carbon impact or get rid of it? Golf carts are a great way to protect the environment and get around quickly over short distances. They can run on gas or electricity. 

Golf carts that run on gasoline have an excellent gas economy and generate very few carbon emissions, especially compared to cars and SUVs.

With an electric, battery-powered golf cart, you can drive without putting out any carbon at all.


A golf cart is a quick and easy way to get around your neighborhood when it's too far to walk. You can use it to visit your neighbors or the pool, gym, or tennis fields.


If your job requires you to move things, tools, or people back and forth a lot, a golf cart could help lighten your load. Here are some places where a golf cart would make sense and be helpful: 

  • Campuses of universities and any other types of "campuses."
  • Retirement villages
  • Ranches, farms, and orchards
  • Facilities for event handling (like banquet halls, wedding halls, sports grounds, etc.)


If you play golf a lot or live near a golf course, you would instead swing your clubs than walk around the system with them. And even though many golf clubs let you rent golf carts, having your own can be cheaper and more handy.


Do you like to camp, fish, or go shooting a lot? Golf carts can go where cars, trucks, and SUVs can't because they are smaller and lighter. They can go through small, off-road areas that cars, trucks, and SUVs can't. A golf cart is great for shooting because they are quieter and can camouflage in ways that won't scare away your game. And if your coach has the right tires and wheels, it can go over the harder ground.

Electric Golf Carts AFFORDABILITY

Golf carts are much cheaper than other usual ways to get around. Most brand-new carts cost much less than both used and new cars. The costs of running, insuring, and keeping up with it are also meagre. Also, you will have your golf cart for a long time. They can last 20 years or more.


More and more towns in North Carolina are letting people drive golf carts on the streets. If your golf cart has all the proper safety measures, you can move it on public roads in many parts of North Carolina while the speed limit is 35 mph. In several places, including Carolina Beach, you may need to purchase a specific ticket to use and park your cart. 


You may personalize your golf cart in many ways to make it uniquely yours. Want a cup stand, a place to put a cooler, or chairs with patterns? We can help you add any golf cart addition or change you want to make your ride more fun and comfortable.


Golf carts are great for moving people with physical problems or limitations because they can get closer to doors and exits than regular cars and other forms of transportation. Golf cart seats are easier to get in and out of than car seats.


After a relaxing day at the beach, you'll bring sand back into your car you don't want there. But Getting those tiny bits of sand out of a standard vehicle can be challenging and sometimes even impossible. Golf cart water sprayers make sand removal easier. Some beaches allow golf carts.


If your 16-year-old recently got their driver's license, a golf cart is a terrific way to learn road driving. With golf carts, everything is clearer and follows road rules because they are easier to see and move around.


MGA STAR MARKETING is a leading distributor of Club Car electric golf carts. The Club Cart sells electric golf carts at and for a good reason. Club Cart builds a good product that passengers genuinely appreciate.
For additional details on ordering a Club Car electric golf cart, please contact our UAE Number +971 567775824.


Electric golf carts have a lot of benefits, such as lower start-up and running costs, less environmental damage, less noise pollution, less wear and tear, excellent performance, and easy upkeep. Owning a golf cart is convenient, eco-friendly, and useful for many things, making it a flexible and inexpensive way to get around.

Rafplay is a very famous reliable and company that offers electric golf carts for sale. The golf cart itself is fantastic, offering top-notch performance. They emphasize the benefits of electric carts, such as lower costs, environmental friendliness, quiet operation, and easy maintenance. They highlight the versatility and practicality of owning a golf cart for various purposes.


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