Raf Stylish Power Rider Mercedes Style jeep Ride on 12 v for kids



This Electrifying Mercedes Style kids electric car with a completely new experience for your baby, is one of the models of electric cars in the high and peeping Jeep line, suitable for active and adventurous boys. Made from high-quality plastic material, electric cars for can withstand strong bumps, with electrostatic varnish that brings aesthetic and eye-catching colors, limiting unsightly scratches have.

DESIGN: With a horizontal open wing design, this Ride on allows children to come in easily and conveniently, unique accents, 2-seat simulation seats , spacious seating, a steering wheel with both horn and music for she was happy to play and play. 4 big wheels designed to create a high chassis with anti-slip grooves, high friction for baby to move easily with a smooth and convenient suspension system. The audio system is also one of the highlights of the electric car. The car's music box integrates both USB socket and memory card slot so that parents can easily select the songs that baby favorite. The back and front LED lights make the car attractive every time the baby goes to the driveway in the evening, attracting the look.

MATERIAL: Sculpted from heavy-duty plastic, the battery car frame is sure to stay free of rust


  • Battery 12 V 7AH Motor 380*4
  • Product Size 135*75*78 cm
  • Packing Size 131*63*44 cm
  • N.W. 20.2KG , G.W. 23.8KG
  • 12v-7ah (long wei battery), 380 (wen wen/wei xu motor *4)
  • 2.4g remote control and swing
  • With early education function
  • With slow starting device
  • Double open the door
  • With backup tire
  • USB, round hole charger ( long run charger)


Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs. maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the Rideons as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery of the ride on.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


3-5 business days

1-6 years


You can watch the video of product here: