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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent little car

Bought for my 3 year olds birthday. He absolutely loves it. He's not left it alone since he got it 3 days ago. The battery seems to last ages. He drives it around like a pro. The parent remote is handy for driving around pavements when he starts to veer into pedestrians or parked cars. It's a great little car especially for the price.
No complaints so far.

Great value and well worth the money

This was a present for my 13 month old son and while I was concerned it was a little too big he totally loves it.
The build of the car is good where we look at the cost. It's plastic but no surprises there. It's fast enough and the motors do pull the car along well. To note there are three speeds which is plenty.
The car doesn't track 100% but not the end of the world.

Little dude is over the moon ?

This was an amazing gift for my nephew, he was so so happy with this on his birthday. The car arrived promptly, I was so excited when it arrived I took it out the box to ensure everything was okay, unfortunately there was some damage to the rear of the car. I contacted the seller and they sent me out a new one the next day!! Amazing! The second one was perfect, the only reason I have given this a four star is, it doesn't come with the BMW stickers, luckily this was noted in another review I had read, so I ordered these separately. My younger brother (15) put it together for me and said the instructions where easy enough to follow, however more tools where needed than recommended.

Steve Green
Not sure if this is a toy for the small one or for me but either way - loving it.

I'll start with the negatives as it's easier., and called these negatives is a stretch. Would be handy to lock the steering so little one can't try and put us into a hedge. Speed, bit more of it would be great.

Everything else - amazing.We've been out for several hours since Christmas.


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