Raf Electric 48 v Pedal scooter Bicycle scooter with basket



By Commuting to work or Performing your daily Grocery duties on your Ebike is your easiest way to adapt daily cycling to your  busy routine. Arrive to wrk sweat free, and feel fresh after the morning ride. This tends to make people feel less stressful and lift your mood besides making you lose calories and stay fit and fine. This scooter can be driven even by pedalling if you end up losing the charge on the scooter. Besides having an additional basket as an added accessory this Electric cum pedal Scooter paves your way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Can be used for Shopping. Restaurant deliveries, Travelling to masjids, dropping & picking your children as well.



  • Dimensions(mm): 1600x560x1110
  • Battery capacity: 48v14ah
  • Input voltage of battery: 110v             
  • Motor power 500w              
  • Charging period: 5-7 hours              
  • Speed: 25-30 kmph            
  • Range: 40-50 mile  
  • Diameter of front wheel: 16 inches      
  • Net Weight: 88 lb
  • Load Capacity: 300 lb
  • Capacity for 2 adults weight (300 lb)
  • Charging any where with electric plug in
  • Go 25-30 mile per hours
  • One battery used for 2-3 hours
  • Going grocery shopping, sightseeing, deliveries
  • Weight in Kg (product weight): 53.3KG
  • Shipping weight in Kg (volumetric): 61.2Kg
  • Product dimensions in cm : 160 X 56 X 111 cm
  • Packaging dimensions in cm : 148 X 33 X 86 cm


Make sure to drive with safety eqipments like helmets, Lights , Elbow and n knee pads . Also the bike can be driven only on foothpaths as permissable by the RTA


Storage Instructions:

avoid extreme heat in order to prevent fading colour wash with damp cloth in order to protect the parts of bike. avoid complete drainage of battery


Age Group

Weight Capacity 

Shipping Time


150 kgs

5 -7 DAYS


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