Metal Seal Rocker See Saw - 2 seats - Assorted Colors



It is well know to play on the seesaw is a need to cooperation to play up the amusement of children, amusement equipment, play the time required to have a good cooperation between, improve the two peoples is to used the lever principle playing rocker will know more litter knowledge of life, enhance the child's knowledge storage to people. In the process of the seesaw swing back and forth, exercise children's waist and abdomen, enhance limb strength, improve children's sense of balance and coordination


Seesaw with two plastic seats, Steel tube galvanized both inside and outside, solid and strong construction, Suitable to 3-12 years old children, Put in garden, yard, park, amusement ground, district, kindergarten and supermarket etc., Various color, design and size, Stimulated children's curiosity, exploring desire, and advanced their team work and adventurous spirit and their abilities of cognition, judgement and problem-solving during play


keep it safe from heat either put something to cover the item, or buy a trampoline cover for protection and long use.

Storage Instructions:

Safety Precautions Adult supervision is required.
Please allow a safety perimeter around the Swing to prevent any collisions.
Equipment must not be installed on cement, asphalt, or any other hard surface.
Outdoor/Indoor domestic use only

It is built from a high quality, UV protected and durable virgin plastic. To help your Playhouse retain its colors we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Age Group


Shipping Time

3 to 12 years


5 -7 DAYS

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