MEGAWHEELs Rockstar 12 " BICYCLE For Kids with Training wheels assorted


 Features :

  •  SIZE : 14 INCH
  • Premium Quality Rubber Tyre 
  • Training Wheel for Extra safety 
  • Heavy Quality Steel Frame  


Into the night to save the day! Bring the magical fun of your child's favorite show straight to the driveway with the Megawheels 12" Rockstar multi-character sidewalk bike! This fun ride combines the adventure of ANGRY BIRD with the excitement of learning how to ride a bike, and crucially still provides important safety features. It starts with the durable steel ANGRY BIRD frame, the perfect beginner's ride that brings everyone's favorite  heroes along for the ride! Little fans of the show will love the frame which features the group's tagline and ANGRY BIRD  graphics. Removable training wheels help make learning to ride a bike easy and fun, while the single-speed drivetrain and coaster brake (also known as a pedal brake) help keep things simple. And the tool-free adjustable seat post ensures your child can grow with the bike! While you rest easy knowing the safety features are covered, your little hero will delight in the fun handlebar plate, flashy laser-printed seat and a chain guard featuring the entire squad.



  • SIZE :12 INCH
  • Frame steel
  • Tire: Rubber     
  • Training wheel:Yes                                                                                   
  • BACK SEAT: Yes Driving Age :3- 5YRS
  • Product Weight : 8 Kg
  • Shipping Weight : 9 Kg
  • Product Dimension : 77 X 17 X 40 cm
  • Packaging Dimension : 77 X 17 X 40 cm

Cautions :

Make sure parental guidance is there for kids  Helmets & Safety Equipment's should be worn at all times. Roads and traffic areas aren't allowed to be driven. Please keep away from smaller children.

Storage Instructions :

avoid extreme heat in order to prevent fading colour wash with damp cloth in order to protect the parts of bike

Return Policy : 

Only On Manufacturers Defect. Any Open/ Accidental pieces wouldn’t be acceptable.

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