MEGAWHEELS Mobility Rev N Go 3 Wheels Electric Scooter

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Description of MEGAWHEELS Mobility Rev N Go 3 Wheels Electric Scooter:

  • MEGAWHEELS Mobility electric Scooter has a pneumatic tire - Strong grip, wear-resisting, and safe. It's suitable for different kinds of roads.
  • Front LED light & safety warning reflector lamp - Bright red light to ensure your night riding safety. Adjustable heights for different users.
  • Backseat with a nice shopping basket, easy to travel. Double disc brake system to ensure riding safety.
  • The MEGAWHEELS Mobility Foldable Electric 3 Wheels Scooter is a powerful scooter that can reach a top speed of 25 mph, travel 15 miles on 1 single charge, and carry a rider up to 100 - 120kgs.
  • The best part about this powerful scooter is that it’s lightweight and portable which means taking it anywhere is as easy as it is to fold and it also has a seat ...and when we say anywhere we mean trunks.
  • This scooter has everything you will need for a comfortable ride, including a large padded seat with a backrest, cruise control, 3-speed settings, a forward/reverse switch along the front and rear disc brakes that make stopping easier on wet surfaces and declines.
  • This Foldable Mobility electric scooter bike motorcycle with 3 wheels is a great way to e-bike in UAE.

📝 Features Of MEGAWHEELS Mobility Rev N Go 3 Wheels Electric Scooter:

  • Product size: 110*26*82-119cm
  • Folding Size:110*26*38cm
  • Type of motor: permanent-magnet brushless DC motor
  • Motor power: 350W motor (in front wheel)
  • Battery type: sealed lead acid battery
  • Battery: 36V 12AH
  • Brake:Rear&Front Disc Brake
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Rated speed: approximately 25 km/h
  • Single charge: approximately 25-45 km
  • Tire Size:Front 12inch, Rear 10inch
  • Loading capacity: 100 - 120kgs
  • Reverse Also


ℹ️ Cautions:

  • Kindly check the Rta rules
  • Make sure to wear a helmet and safety gear
  • Do not drive on the main roads only on cyclists' paths
  • Accidental damage isn't covered
  • Adult supervision is necessary for under 18 yrs
  • First Time before usage plz charge the battery between 8- 12 hours
  • Thereafter Do not overcharge the battery beyond 5-7hours max
  • As soon as the speed goes low, put it on the charger before totally draining off the battery. If not so, the battery will go completely dead and we won't be responsible.
  • Make sure not to keep the product unused/uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
  • Avoid water near the battery and engine, just clean them with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity sit on the item else it is bound to stop working.

💺 Age, weight & Seat Capacity:

Age Group

Weight Capacity

Shipping Time


above 12

100 kgs

2-4 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lots of pep

Ridden about 5-6 times around town, up a few steep grades and into some high winds and its been excellent..handles easily and hasnt taken but a few hours to charge after each trip

Kevin G. Deadder
The ultimate commute vehicle and grocery getter..

This is the ultimate grocery getter. The 36V has hill climbing power unlike the 24V step brother. I am a 52 year old adult who hates traffic and bought this to get around town.Your doing 20mph right off the porch while other people are still looking for their car keys. With the added 12V the motor doesn't work as hard and makes the batteries last longer than the 24V models. These are easy to maintain and a great piece of insurance if your on a long trip if yours in the trunk when you break down.

chris g
Fun, Economical, Ecologically helpful

I have a car, but would like to maybe someday have this as main rig. I live in downtown area so lots of things are accessible. I keep thinking it's going to give me problems, 'cuz , , ,life. But so far so good, have had it for 2+years, hard to estimate miles. It's a very nice, reasonably price scootaround. I live in senior housing and there are many disabled with power chairs costing 2000+, but I think this is wonderful for the price.

R. Garcia
Great scooter but buy the warranty.

Good Scooter, but the batteries will not last. I've had mine for about 18 months. I use it for a 4 mile round trip several times a week and I'm on my third set of batteries. The first were replaced under the warranty, and my scooter was out of commission for about a week waiting. The second set were covered through the extended warranty. But over all I really like this is recommend it so long as you buy the warranty

Mark Beal
Fun, cheap

I have owned two more electric scooters before this razor: both costing over $700. The razor accelerates as fast and has as high a top speed as both. The razor bike tires make for a smooth stable ride, without shocks. I am impressed after 3 weeks of riding around East Dallas. Fun, cheap, cool looking, and electric...with a freewheel motor. I am 60 years old and weigh 180 lb.

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