Megawheels Jazz Electric 48 v Sleek Moped Scooter with Pedal Assist

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Description of Megawheels Jazz Electric 48 v Sleek Moped Scooter with Pedal Assist:

With the way things are going, petrol is becoming a thing of the past with hybrid cars taking over our roads, yet we are yet to see floods of electric moped scooter for adults, which, with the amount young moped riders & small town carriers, etc., you'd think is a thriving market.
Surely an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative should be available for the masses? With similar run times as your traditional moped and a full charge costing just 10p from a mains plug.
The Jazz Sport is an ultra-cool compact 2-wheeler for the city, offering an additional power boost for those who need it. Powered by a 4th gen battery with a top speed of 40 mph and a range of up to 25 mi, the Jazz is perfectly built for getting from one point to another. • Boasting a 14-Inch Tire, The jazz is powered by a 48V battery and a 500W motor.
Adding a Pedal Assist feature accompanied by A mid-size Basket, This 2 Wheels Electric Moped scooter is a High-Performance Electric Bicycle with a High-power synchronous variable frequency motor for smooth operation and extended mileage. • It Has some great colours to offer, which makes his scooter attractive and stylish to ride on, catching the eye of every Traveller. 
The Jazz comes with 2 seats, a digital speedometer, and a high ampere battery and is perfect for your rides. Provides great mileage and speed. The Jazz can be safely parked on the pavement like a bicycle, weighing just 38 kg (under half your average traditional moped!), making manoeuvrability another massive perk.
These electric scooters with Pedals are the best delivery and grocery Scooters with 2 seats in Uae, Dubai.
This means people riding it do not need to own a driving license, and the vehicle need not be registered to be driven on UAE roads either
It can be ideal for short-distance rides, running errands, as a supermarket or restaurant delivery Scooter, or dropping your kids to school and cruising with your loved ones. It even has a basket up front To carry groceries back and forth.
The best part is even when the battery goes low, you can use the pedal-assist to get back to your destination without worrying about how and where to charge this Fully Loaded specification electric scooter.

Specifications of Megawheels Jazz Electric 48 v Sleek Moped Scooter with Pedal Assist:

  • Remote Alarm keys

  • Smart digital display

  • Drum brake

  • Smart 35 Degrees climbing ability

  • Drum Brakes

  • Charging time 5-7 hours 

  • 180 kgs weight capacity

  • Smart  Led Lights

  • 48 v 13 amp

  • 500 watts brushless

  • Speed 50-55 km/h

  • With digital display led lights double key

  • Steel frame body

  • Pedal cum electric                     

  •  2 seats.

  • 3-speed mode              

  • Weight capacity 200 kg

  • Age Adult

  • Wheels size: 14.25 inch

  • net weight / gross weight: 38 kgs /45 kgs

  • package dimensions:170*55*120

  • product dimensions:   / 150*40*75

ℹ️ Cautions:

-Kindly check the Rta rules
-Make sure to wear a helmet and safety gear
- Do not drive on the main roads, only on cyclists' paths
- accidental damage isn't covered
-Adult supervision necessary for under 18 yrs" On manufacturers defect only

-Online permit is needed to ride this scooter


  • First Time before usage plz, charge the battery between 8- 12 hours
  • Thereafter Do not overcharge the battery beyond 5-7hours max
  • When the speed goes low, put it on the charger before draining off the battery. If not, the battery will die completely, and we won't be responsible.
  • Ensure not to keep the product unused/uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
  • Avoid water near the battery and engine; clean with a damp cloth.
  •  Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity of 200 kg sit on the item else it is bound to stop working.


Age, weight & Seat Capacity:

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2-4 days

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