Megastar Snail Activity Play center With Hideout Cave , Rock Climber & Slide


Description :

Entertain kids all-day long with this Megastar Snail Activity Center  That Includes Rock Climber, CAVE and Slide. It brings the ideal backyard jungle gym to playtime. This endless adventures rock climber and slide grows with children and  sets of climbing holes for younger kids. Safety rails protect them, while three crawl-through tunnels just give them more ways to play. The kid's outdoor play offers additional features. Outdoor play promotes healthy exercise habits. This  Rock Climber and Slide requires adult assembly and is constructed for backyard use only. It can be utilized every day by kids who enjoy playing pretend. They can crawl through tunnels, slide down the slide and pretend to steer their ship through rough waters


Key Features :

  • High safety rail on platform for safety.
  • Easy-climb for younger kids or challenging climb for older kids.
  • Crawl-though cave.
  • Large adventurous toddler rock climber  and  slide.
  • Two large climbing walls with separate climbing holes
  • Product weight : 35 kg
  • shipping weight in Kg (volumetric) : 37 kg
  • Product dimensions : 230 X 130 X 100 cm
  • Packaging dimensions : 228 X 128 X 97 cm

Storage Instructions:

Avoid keeping under high sunlight and temperature in order to keep  plastic Safe 



Adult supervision is necessary . Do not exceed max weight limitations

Age Group

Weight Capacity

Shipping Time



2-6 Years

Below 70 kgs

Regular (3-5 Days)


Only on manufacturers defect


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