Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset -750*450*410cm

Dhs. 9,849
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Dhs. 9,849
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Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset -750*450*410cm

Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset -750*450*410cm

Dhs. 0 Dhs. 9,849

Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset -750*450*410cm

Dhs. 0 Dhs. 9,849

📋Description of Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset :

"Welcome to the world of endless excitement and boundless joy - the Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Outdoor garden swings & slide Playset  Where Thrills Know No Bounds!""! This extraordinary creation is more than just a playground; it's an experience that ignites imaginations and sparks laughter for both kids and adults alike.

The ""Megastar Baloo & Butterflies Haven Outdoor Slides & Swings playset measuring 750*450*410cm is your gateway to a world of unforgettable fun. With the capacity to accommodate 6-8 children at once, it's the perfect gathering spot for playdates, parties, and family celebrations. A true embodiment of our commitment to innovation and quality, this playground is designed for endless entertainment and safety.

Featuring a dynamic duo of slides, this playground is home to an enthralling double slide that invites friendly races and competitions, guaranteeing side-by-side thrills. A tantalizing curved slide on the side adds an extra dimension of excitement, making every descent a thrilling adventure. Our priority is your safety, which is why we've integrated strong railings that connect both the double slides and the curved slide, ensuring secure exploration.

The Megastar Adventure Haven also boasts swings that cater to all ages, from babies to adult children. Versatility is key, and these swings are engineered to adapt to your family's changing needs. For those seeking a challenge, a basketball hoop awaits, allowing everyone to showcase their slam-dunk skills.

Climbing enthusiasts will be delighted by the inclusion of motor play climbers, elevating the fun to new heights. And to ensure accessibility, a single staircase at the back connects both the double slides and the captivating curved slide. This means every corner of this adventure haven is just waiting to be explored.

Created for ages 2-15, the Megastar Adventure Haven encapsulates the essence of playtime joy. It's not just a playground; it's a destination for memories, laughter, and bonding. So, whether you're sliding down the thrilling curves, soaring high on the swings, mastering the art of basketball, or conquering the climbers, the Megastar Adventure Haven promises an experience that will keep you coming back for more. Get ready to embark on an adventure that knows no limits!"

📝Features of RAF Cute Geoffrey Giraffe Swing:

  • "Made of durable cast iron and steel tube This swing and slide playset is
  • Solid and strong construction makes it durable
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor play
  • Allows for a fun-packed playing experience
  • Suitable for improving children's energy and imagination
  • Helping them grow their abilities of cognition, judgment, and problem-solving during play is Great for kids as well as adults. Can easily carry 6-8 children at 1 go.
  • It has 2 slides,1 slide is a double slide which is attached and facing front, another slide is curved which is on the side.                                                                 
  • Recommended for ages 2-15. It has 2 swings at the front side which can be changed for babies as well as adult children.                                                             
  • There is 1 staircase from the back the double slides and the curved slide is connected by strong railings. To add more fun it has motor play climbers and a basketball hoop.
  • This can be used for Families, Restaurants, Schools, Amusement Park, Supermarket, and Shop.
  • Kindly make note that the bars and tops could have varied designs and colors . . Also requires professional installation. Make sure to choose the installation option and provide accurate information about the nature of the ground for installation Purposes ( soil, interlock, grass)"

    💺 Age, weight & Seat Capacity:


    shipping time


    Age Group

    Product dimensions in cm

    135 kgs

    3-4 DAYS

    On manufacturer's defect only

    2-15 years 750*450*410cm


    ℹ️ Cautions:

    • Please check the screws and other catchers of equipment regularly.
    • Please don't let overweight use, kids under 12 need to play with adult supervision.
    • Clean with a Damp cloth
    • Keep away, toddlers.


    📦Storage Instructions:

    Avoid Extreme Heat and water. Try To keep these garden toys under shaded areas and make sure to bring a tarpaulin cover for them to be covered. don’t use water directly In order to avoid rust DO NOT KEEP IT PACKED AWAY FOR TOO LONG. MAKE SURE TO GET INSTALLATIONS DONE WITH PROFESSIONAL STAFF


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