Licensed Megastar Bmw 6gt ride on With Rubber tyres & Leather seats- Black


Description :

Licensed Megastar Bmw 6gt ride on With Rubber tyres & Leather seats, We bring you a complete new toy car BMW 6GT Single seat licensed by BMW. This nice ride-on car is designed for rough and smooth surfaces as well. Car has astonishing details and realistic extra strong front and backlights. Toy car is equipped with sound and light effects . Beautiful toy car with chrome fittings, looks realistic and delight children and adults who are fan of the brand toy electric car in dubai.
The new 2.4Ghz remote control ensures full control over the car for the parent as it can override the childrens actions. It has extended range. This remote control has an unique pairing key with the car so no other remotes will disturb your ride. The remote control has also an emergency brake button for stopping the car by parents any time. The new remote control has a built in speed setting - Your child can't change the speed of the vehicle. Digital meter for battery charge and adjustable child's safety seatbelt
Ability to switch between 3 driving speed. Ability to control the music volume.
Package includes Adapter with indicator + rechargeable battery. Power 12V - 2 x 35W motors on the rear wheels . Run forward / reverse.
Great feature: Smooth start
No more jerky start; this car starts and speeds up silky smooth!
The smooth start function - the engine gets to speed gradually instead of sudden yanking

Features :

  1. Max. speed - 7 km / h, Max. load: 30 kg
  2. 3 speed - speed select only on remote control
  3. Shock absorbers - for smooth ride
  4. Front and backlights
  5. USB input
  6. 2.4 Ghz remote control with emergency brake button and speed selector - provides full parental control
  7. Plastic seat
  8. Opening doors
  9. Wide seat for 1 person
  10. 2 engines - 2 rear wheel drive
  11. Button start
  12. Soft start function
  13. Accelerator pedal - and brake at the same time when released
  14. Battery 2x 6V - 4AH
  15. Car weight 20 kg
  16. Weight 20.0000 Instruction manual Yes Dimensions - height (cm) 51 Dimensions - width (cm) 64 Dimensions - lenght (cm) 106 Box size - height (cm) 38 Box size - width (cm) 56 Box size - lenght (cm) 106 Seat width (cm) 42 Seat type Leather Number of seats 1 Wheel diameter (cm) 30 Wheel type Soft EVA Power (W) 2 x 35 Sounds and audio MP3 Battery type 2 x 6V4Ah Max. load (kg) 30 Max. tested load (kg) 35 Remote control 2,4 GHz premium remote control with emergency stop Bodywork finish Plastic Suspensions Yes Opening doors Yes Smooth start Yes Headlights Yes Dashlights Yes

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group

2-4 business days