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    Flowclear Polysphere filter balls are the latest Bestway product in pool filtration. With this filtration small ball made of 100% PET
    plastic you will be able to forget about the heavy and cumbersome filtering sand. Their appearance resembles cotton balls are light,
    have a long life and provide a faster effect in filtering pool water. One package of 500 g can replace the equivalent of 18 kg of sand.
    Thanks to the good filtration, the pool water will be crystal clear, and you will be able to enjoy a refreshing swim in a clean pool
    with your family throughout the summer season.

    Bestway Flowclear Polysphere. Product type: Filter media, Product colour: White, Material: Polyethylene. Weight: 500 g. Package type: Box, Package width: 366 mm, Package depth: 176 mm.
    - Material: 100% PET
    - Suitable for all existing sand filters in the Bestway range
    - Lowest pressure increase in comparison to sand
    - 500 g (1.10 lbs) of Flowclear Polysphere is equal to 18 kg(39.68 lbs)of sand Flowclear Polysphere quantity is as follow: Sand filter Weight if using sand Weight if using Flowclear Polysphere Bestway 2,006L/hi 530gal. /h) 8.5kg(18.74 lbs) 240g(0.53 lbs) Bestway® 3,785L/h(1,000gal. /h) 18kg(39.68 lbs) 500g(1.10 lbs) Bestway® 5,678L/h(1,500gal. /h) 25kg(55.12 lbs) 700g(1.54 lbs) Bestway® 7,571L/h(2,000gal. /h) 35kg(77.16 lbs) 1000g(2.20 lbs) Notes: Flowclearâ„ Polysphere can also be used for other sand filters using 28g(0.06lbs) Flowclearâ„ Polysphere to replace for 1kg(2.20lbs) sand
    - Easy to carry, manipulate, and transport
    - Low weight for easy handling
    - Excellent filtration result and efficiency
    - Long life product
    - Easy to wash by hand
    - Back washing function by Bestway sand filter not applicable
    - Easy disposal, non toxic
    - Full color box
    - 1 Sets., 10.6kg (23.5lbs)
    - Contents: 500gï¼1.10 lbs)Flowclear Polysphere


    Adult supervision required when children are in and around pools. Never leave your child unattended while using this or any other floating device. Parental supervision required. Use The Right Swimming Equipment's Like goggles , ear plugs, etc.


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