Megastar Pinokee Tube & Curved Slide And 3 Swing With Game Muti Playcentre For Kids

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📝 Description:

An exceptional swing set for the ones that matter the most. To spark your child's imagination, this outdoor swing set comes with a tube slide ,curved slide and 3 swings . For a sense of adventure, children can climb the ladder towards the slide. To finish off the experience, children can feel the breeze flowing through their hair as they play on the wave slide. Children can spend their entire summer playing outdoors. Their abundance of energy and creative imagination seems to last forever. However, the truth is that kids sometimes need a moment to catch their breath and seek protection from the sun. When that time comes, the roof will be the perfect resting area during an action-packed day. NOTE: Please note there can be slight changes in the design and color as soon in picture

    📝 Features:

    • Kindly make note the child seat can be replaced with infant seat and vice versa upn request. Made of durable and strong Fibre This swing and slide playset is Solid and strong construction makes it durable Ideal for outdoor and indoor play Allows for a fun-packed playing experience Suitable for improving children's energy and imagination .
    • Age Limit : 2-15 yrs Helping them grow their abilities of cognition, judgement and problem-solving during play Great for kids as well as adults.
    • Can easily carry 5-8 children at 1 go. Includes 3 swings , 1 single Slide , 1 tube slide , a long Tunnel , 21Climber step bars , and stand up towers spots , x& o roller game activity as well it has a hide and seek tower, .
    • Kindly make note the the bars and tops could have varied designs and colors . . Also requires professional installation.
    • Make sure to choose installation option and provide accurate information about the nature of ground for installation Purposes ( soil, interlock , grass)

    📦Storage Instructions:

    Avoid Extreme Heat & Water. Try To keep these garden toys under shaded areas and make sure to bring a tarpaulin cover for them to be covered. don’t use water directly In order to avoid rust DO NOT KEEP IT PACKED AWAY FOR TOO LONG. MAKE SURE TO GET INSTALLATIONS DONE WITH PROFESSIONAL STAFF

    ℹ️ Cautions:

    1. Please check the screws and other catchers of equipment regularly.
    2. Please don't let overweight use, kids under 12 need to play with adult supervision.
    3. Clean with a Damp cloth 4. Keep away, toddlers.



    3 -4 DAYS


    700X430X390 CM




    5 - 8 KIDS


     200 KGS


     2- 15 YRS


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    Megastar Pinokee Tube & Curved Slide And 3 Swing With Game Muti Playcentre For Kids
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