RAF Coco City Harley ELECTRIC Scooter 60 v Fat Tyre 1500 W

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📝Description of RAF Coco City Harley Scooter 60 v Fat Tyre:

  • City Coco offers more than an ordinary Scooter with a speed of 35 Km and a high range Experience a Lifetime Adventure session with One of the most electrifying and Snazzy electric motorcycles in Dubai and KSA Of its times.
  • Let The wilderness within you Flow to the maximum. Whether you are an experienced rider or this is your first recreational electric scooter, this will have you riding with the safety and comfort of 2 wheels.
  • This Coco Harley electric scooter Dubai  Is one of the best fat tire electric scooters for adults in UAE.  electric scooter bike motorcycle is a great way to bike in UAE

📝 Features of RAF Coco City Harley Scooter 60 v Fat Tyre :

  • Fat Tyre.
  • 60v High Capacity Lithium Battery.
  • Front Suspension Upgraded.
  • Range Per Charge: 25-35 Miles, depending on how you drive.
  • Motor: 60V 1500W.

 📝 Specification of RAF Coco City Harley Scooter 60 v Fat Tyre:

Battery 60V
Motor Power 1500
Speed 35 Km/h
Weight Capacity 180 Kgs Max
Led Headlights Yes
Mirror Yes
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Removable Battery No
Range Per Charge 25-30 Kms
Double seat with backrest yes
Motor power 1500 W
Motor Type Hub Brushless Motor


💺 Age, weight & Seat Capacity:

Age Group

Weight Capacity

Shipping Time



200 kgs

2-4 days

Free Delivery all over UAE

ℹ️ Cautions:

  • Please make sure Not To Let Kids/ Teens drive Without adult supervision. Electric Scooters are designed for not use on public roads.
  • We strongly recommend the use of safety equipment such as helmets and knee pads.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to check with their local authorities for area-specific rules and regulations in owning/operating an electric scooter before buying since the law varies from state to state.

📦 Storage Instructions:

  • Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water.
  • Make Sure To Recharge as soon as the speed goes low.
  • Avoid Complete Drainage of the battery To Preserve the Longevity of the battery
Tips to Improve Battery Life
  • Do not overcharge the battery beyond 5-7hours max
  • As soon as the speed goes low, Put it on the charger before totally draining off the battery. If not so, the battery will go completely dead and we won't be responsible.
  • Make sure not to keep the product unused/uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
  • Avoid water near the battery and engine, just clean them with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity sit on the item else it is bound to stop working.

* Free installations Available in UAE
*For Western regions, regions, and areas beyond 150km further charges would apply
*The ad videos and photos is for illustration purpose only.
The actual product colors might vary slightly.



Q. How long is the warranty?
A.- 3 months on the engine.

Q. Will replay collect the item for repairs?
A. No we have our workshop in Dxb where the customer needs to bring the scooter or can book a pick up from us for collecting the same.( charges would apply)

Q.How much is the mileage?
A. On 1 charge it can go upto 30- 35 kms or between 1-2 hours

Q. Is The battery removable?
A Yes It is removable and can be charged just like a mobile
Q Can we add another battery?
No, This model comes with just 1 battery 

Q. Will We Receive the scooter as assembled
A. Yes if you are located in UAE it will be delivered as completely ready to use.

Q. What is the weight capacity?
A. It can carry up to 200- 220 kg

Q. Are the spare parts available?
A. Yes all spare parts are available at our dx workshop.

Q. What is the life of the battery?
A.if tips mentioned in the description are followed accurately it can last between 1-2 years

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Customer Reviews

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وصلت في مسقط في الوقت المحدد

لقد تم توصيل دراجتي البخارية إلى مسقط في غضون 7 أيام أخذتها لابني البالغ من العمر 15 عامًا كهدية وهو سعيد جدًا

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Bike!

Great product! It’s is well built and works great. We clocked ours at 40 MPH. Battery lasts quite a bit and the seat is spacious- even has pegs for the backseat. Very pleased!

 Easy to ride scooter

I love this scooter I use it to go up to the race track as my friend races at Kankakee speedway. I have bad knees so the scooter really helps me do what I love to do

 Lots of fun

I have had my scooter now for a few months now and i am really impressed. It flies much faster than expected. And customer service was excellent.

وصلت في مسقط في الوقت المحدد

لقد تم توصيل دراجتي البخارية إلى مسقط في غضون 7 أيام أخذتها لابني البالغ من العمر 15 عامًا كهدية وهو سعيد جدًا

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