24 v Spinning Drift Triker with led lights n adjustable frame



The Drift scooter 360 - a push of a button and get ready for action. With the drift scooter 360 is the largest house stool for outdoor fan. The Speed At The Touch Of A Button provides instant Get Into pleasure and the long lasting battery that the fun andauert though because the pedal to the metal was yesterday. This is a Heide fun without any exertion, the you are concerned with the Drift scooter Buy. Teddy Bear past - Children Of The 21TEN Century play electric motorized screen. A unique ride - the Drift matchâs.  How this is to look? Slide or with Action To curves drifting - where tests are typical of the electric motor so that they Hergibt. The wheels ensure that turns at any time of the day possible are locked up safe and sound. The deep seat ensures a unique ride and the closeness ground level allows for it on the street, glide along. No matter whether on the street or the Skatep bib - the Drift. Steel meets electric motor. The built-in 100 watt Electric Motor guarantees in up to half an hour driving excitement. Up to 13 km/h fast speeds up the drift scooter. Push button you you can choose the speed and change the high impact, pneumatic wheels as well as the sturdy steel frame can be the driver almost any crash come through survive. The total weight of 13 kg, also will make sure that, even when you Waghalsigsten Drifter action bike won't flop over. The spare replacement front brake pad provides an additional Apron support and allows for a secure with the Drift scooter 360. when you're out and about, make sure your child always with clothing, for drive. The matching helmet can be ordered in our online shop. We will supply car in the original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable).30 minutes assembly time


  • Department Kids Unisex
  • Size 16 kg
  • Colour Black
  • Product Weight 15 kg
  • Country of Origin China
  • Product Length 95 cm
  • Product Height 60 cm
  • Product Width/Depth 60 cm
  • Battery Lead-Acid 24 V/4.5 Ah
  • Motor 150 W Brushed
  • Max Loading 70 kg
  • Number of Wheel 3
  • Speed Up to 18 km/h

Storage Instructions:

Kindly avoid Storage In Sun , Heat & Water. Shouldn't Exceed max weight capacity. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the SCOOTER as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery . Clean only with damp cloth. Keep away from Water


Make sure to drive with safety equipment like helmets, Lights , Elbow and n knee pads . Also the bike can be driven only on footpaths as permissible by the RTA. Kindly do Not use on soft surfaces such as sand, gravel and mud OR uneven surfaces such as fields and paddocks.

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above 8

70 kgs

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