Snuggles Bear theme Metal Playset
Best Playset for Kids
Snuggles Bear theme Metal Playset

MEGASTAR Kids Playground Set Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy & Flower Birds Metal

Dhs. 16,999
Dhs. 16,999
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Snuggles Bear theme Metal Playset

MEGASTAR Kids Playground Set Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy & Flower Birds Metal

Dhs. 16,999

MEGASTAR Kids Playground Set Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy & Flower Birds Metal

Dhs. 16,999

📝 Description

  • This Snuggles Bear theme Metal Playset By Megastar comprises a rounded slide and a colorful tunnel, a unique Kids Playset Playground. That promises you the ultimate play destination!
  • Includes pre-cut designed fascinated birds on swing stands, fast and easy bracket system, 3 swings with UV plastic dipped chain, 1 Tube Slide, 1 Curvy Slide, Hanging Monkey bars, Climbing steps near the monkey bars for double the fun, Basketball Ring ( No Net), Staircase to get up to the siding area, A Basketball net, ground anchors, and Scores of activities.
  • This is a must-say amazing& fun experienced playset With Plenty of activities for your children to make them amazed and joyful while keeping them super busy and away from television and games. Perfect for outdoors, Gardens, Schools, Nurseries, Playparks, Villas, etc.

📝 Features

MEGASTAR Kids Playground set Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy & Flower Birds Metal features are as under:

  • Made of durable cast iron and steel tubes and high-quality fiber
  • Solid construction makes it durable
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor play
  • Allows for a fun-packed playing experience
  • Suitable for improving children's energy and imagination
  • Helping them grow their cognition, judgment, and problem-solving abilities during play is Great for kids and adults.
  • It can easily carry 7- 8 children at 1 go.
  • Great for kids between 4- and 12 years.
  • Kindly note that the bars and tops could have varied designs and colors. It also requires professional installation. Make sure to choose the installation option and provide accurate information about the nature of the ground for installation. Purposes To The installation team Of Megastar ( soil, interlock, grass)

💺 Age, Weight & Seat Capacity:


Shipping time


Age Group

200 kgs

3-4 DAYS

On manufacturer's defect only

5-16 years


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ℹ️ Cautions:

  • Accidental Damage: Not covered by warranty.
  • Adult Supervision: Adult supervision is necessary.
  • Weight Limit: Do not exceed the weight capacity to prevent malfunction.
  • Terrain Restrictions: Place the Swing and Slide only on flat terrain; avoid slopes, sand, slippery, or uneven surfaces.
  • Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Store indoors when not in use.
  • Secure: Equipped with safety measures such as secure swing attachments and sturdy handrails to ensure a safe play environment.
  •   Smooth And Safe: Rounded edges and smooth surfaces minimize the risk of injuries during play.
  • User-friendly: Designed for convenient assembly with clear instructions, making it accessible for parents to set up.
  •   Relocation: Dismantling and storage options for seasonal use or relocation.

📦Storage Instructions:

  • Sun Exposure: Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to keep plastic safe.
  • Weight Limit: Adhere to the specified weight capacity.
  • Heat Protection: Cover the toys for kids with a sheet under extreme heat conditions.

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