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Exploring the Best Fat Tire Thunderbird Electric Scooter in UAE

by faisal khan 08 Feb 2024

With the bicycle riders and Thunderbird Electric Scooter on the streets, there is a lot of safety issue, especially with those who are new to riding them. As compared to these unsafe electric for bike, fat tire scooters are much safe and more stable. Fat tire electric scooter are best for beginners as they have a greater surface area which provides smooth grip and maximum contact with the road. They are also known to be the best on moist roads and performed excellently.

Fat tire electric scooter are fun to ride and can be taken at any location. They have an electric rechargeable battery so that you can ride them for longer distances without worrying. These bikes are very rare and costly because of the reason that they are made up of special body parts. But there are some great fat tire electric scooters for you.

Coco Harley 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Velocipede Trike:

It is an extremely extraordinary 3 wheel electric scooter in amazing colors, red and black. It has unique tires that enable you to ride on any surface and difficult pathways. It has 1500 Watt motor and runs at a speed of 22 to 30 miles per hour on a single charge. It is an exclusive product for all the customers around UAE. It has different features such as rear view mirrors, LED lights, parking, turn signals, and automated brakes. It has a 60-volt lithium battery which is rechargeable and makes the best choice for bike riders in UAE.

Mini Coco Harley Electric Scooter: 

It is the latest design of Electric Scooter available in the UAE with the most balanced tires and is best for long rides. It has an outstanding speed of 25 mph per hour and has 1000 watt motor. It is a steady vehicle with padded seat support, shock absorber tubes, and hydraulic shocks. It is safe and smooth to run on dry, hard, and moist surfaces. Mini Coco Harley is the best bike for adults and teenagers. To add convenience to the design, this scooter is foldable. It also has a power display system where you can check the remaining battery level and plan your journey accordingly.

Coco Harley Electric Scooter:

This impressive electric scooter is available in black color and has a mileage of about 37 miles per charge. It has a comfortable seat, a large deck, and suspensions which makes the ride comfortable and exciting. This electric bike is easily controllable with a hydraulic brake system controlled by hand levers. The electric scooter is present with well-equipped mirrors on both sides which adds to your security. It has the support system to carry weight and adults can easily ride it with the grocery or other stuff. It is a popular scooter among the riders in UAE.

Medium CoCo Harley Electric Scooter:

It is a medium-sized scooter with a removable battery that makes it the perfect choice for most adults. The electric scooter is available in the color fire mix. The top speed recorded for a vehicle is 30 mph with a thousand-watt motor. It has front and rear LED lights which makes the bike secure to ride throughout the day and night. It also has a power display system where you can check the remaining battery percentage of the scooter.

Trendy 2000 Watts Coco Harley Scooter 

This large scooter is impressive with the seating arrangement of two people so that you can enjoy long rides with your friends. It has an extremely powerful battery so it gives more miles compared to other electric scooter. The battery is removable and safe to use. It has a digital meter where you can check the speed and battery limit. It has LED lights for added security and runs equally on all surfaces. It is an ideal choice for scooter lovers in UAE.

Coco City Harley 60v Fat Tire Scooter:

It has a high-capacity lithium battery and covers the mileage of about 30 to 35 km per hour. Having a 1500w power motor, this fat tire electric scooter is suitable. It is highly customizable and is a cool scooter. This bike is a mixture of Harley Davidson and electric kick and is superb from both in performance.


Who does not like the idea of traveling by an impressive bike that turns heads? With the variety of electric scooters available in the UAE, you can purchase anyone that you like. The features of all the electric scooters are remarkable. Plus the advantage of an electric scooter is that it allows maximum customization so you can change them according to your style. We at Rafplay are always determined to bring all the latest and trendy electric scooters to Dubai for our valued customers.


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