Blue Light Blocking, Anti Eyestrain, UV400 Protector Eye Glasses for Boys and Girls

Protect Your Kid From Harmful Blue Light To Prevent Sleep Delays, Headaches & Eye Irritation!

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Does Your Child Spend Too Much Time on a Smartphone/Tablet or Computer?

Bluelight Glasses are designed to Protect Your Kid From Harmful Blue Light To Prevent Sleep Delays, Headaches & Eye Irritation!

87% of parents in India are clueless about the harmful effects of kids playing with mobile/tablet screens

Children are vulnerable to the blue light emitted from screens. Their eyes have not yet developed the natural lens to filter out artificial blue light.

It means, even a short time of exposure to blue light can have devastating effects on your kids’ health causing,

Sleep Delays! Yes, blue light inhibits the hormone melatonin, causing sleep delays. Poor sleep patterns can lead to severe health issues.

It is really good for eyes especially when you are on phone , tablet pc etc , also good for outdoor sunlight .

@Huzaifa- Dubai, UAE

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Top Feature Of Blue Light Care

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING WITH PROOF - These glasses (NON-prescription) are for daily use when kids using a computer, iPad, or smartphone. Our blue light glasses can cut harmful blue light, reduce eyestrain, headache, and Protect children's eyesight. The blue light testing kit included in the package so test it yourself!


Why You Need The SleepBand


Anti-blue light glasses for kids can alleviate children’s eye strain. 

Not only protect sight but also considerably reduce headaches and migraines caused by fatigue.

Prevention of eye problem

Kids are more vulnerable to blue light since natural eye defenses have yet to develop.

Our blue light blocking glasses will supercharge your health by blocking detrimental blue light while letting in all other beneficial light.

Anti-blue light

Phone, iPad, computer, television...In the digital technology era, children inevitably contact and use digital devices.

Our blue light blocking glasses can effectively block harmful blue light from computers, iPad, smartphones, and so on.


1-We are the only children's eyewear company Internationally that backs all products with a 1 Year warranty.
2-We offer Premium and insured shipping centers across the globe for efficient & fast shipping to you.
3- You pay half of what our competitors charge with more than twice the quality and value.
4-We offer 24/7 customer service in case you have questions or need a new pair sent to you.
5-We spend time and money educating parents about the hazards and solutions. HAPPY PARENT's REVIEWS

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It is a specific wavelength of light that has been found to be harmful to the eyes in several ways.

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