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24V vs. 12V Electric Ride-Ons: Which Is Better for Your Child?

by faisal khan 13 Oct 2023

Every child's life has electric ride-on toys since they provide an exciting experience and encourage exercise. Parents frequently struggle with the decision of whether to choose a 24V or 12V electric ride-on. Which is superior, and what sets them apart? To assist you in making a decision, we will explore the world of electric ride-ons in this blog. We'll also introduce you to Rafplay, an online retailer in the United Arab Emirates that sells a variety of these intriguing goods.

24V vs. 12V Electric Rideons: What's the Difference?

Let's first review the key distinctions between 24V and 12V electric ride-ons before deciding which is preferable. The main difference between the two is how they get their power, and this variation has an impact on their speed, run duration, and overall performance.


The main distinction between 24V and 12V rideons is voltage. A 24-volt battery powers 24V rideons, giving them much more power than their 12V equivalents. On the other hand, 12V rideons use a 12-volt battery and have less power.


The increased voltage of 24V ride-ons causes them to move more quickly. With speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, these ride-ons will provide an amazing experience for your youngster. On the other hand, 12V ride-ons are better for smaller kids because they often have a peak speed of approximately 5-7 miles per hour.

Usage Time: 24V vs. 12V

After discussing the fundamental distinctions, let's examine usage time, one of the most crucial factors for parents. How long can your kid ride their electric ride-on before the battery has to be recharged? This is an important factor to take into account, particularly on those hot, lengthy days when your youngster wants to keep riding.

24V Electric Rideons

24V Electric Rideons

Compared to 12V ride-ons, 24V ride-ons often offer greater prolonged usage duration. An electric ride-on powered by 24V can often deliver 1.5 to 3 hours of nonstop pleasure per charge. This prolonged usage period is ideal for all-day activities in the park, which will keep your kid occupied for a long time.

12V Electric Ride-Ons

12V Electric Ride-Ons

The amount of time that 12V ride-ons may be used is a little bit more constrained. A 12V electric ride-on typically has a runtime of 1 to 2 hours on a single charge. While this could be adequate for short rides or excursions around the neighborhood, if your child is a frequent user, it might need more frequent charging.

Which Is Better for Your Child?

Your child's age, degree of expertise, and how you want to use the ride-on will ultimately determine whether you choose a 24V or 12V electric ride-on.

24V Electric Ride-Ons Are Ideal For:

Older children: The higher speeds of 24V ride-ons make them more suitable for kids aged 8 and up who can handle the increased power and responsibility.

Longer adventures: If your child enjoys extended playtime outdoors, a 24V ride-on can keep them entertained for hours without frequent charging.

Thrill-seekers: Children who crave speed and excitement will appreciate the faster performance of 24V ride-on.

12V Electric Ride-Ons Are Great For:

1. Younger children: 12V ride-ons are generally safer and more manageable for younger kids aged 3-7, offering a balance between fun and safety.

2. Neighborhood rides: For short trips around the neighborhood or quick outings to the park, a 12V ride-on is a practical choice.

3. Ease of use: Parents will appreciate the lower speed of 12V ride-ons, providing peace of mind when it comes to their child's safety.

Discover Rafplay in the UAE

You're in luck if you're searching to buy your youngster an excellent electric ride-on in the UAE! You may discover the ideal match for your child's requirements and preferences by browsing the selection of electric ride-ons offered by the online retailer Rafplay, which includes 24V and 12V alternatives.

Rafplay takes pride in providing electric ride-ons that are exciting, long-lasting, and suitable for a range of ages. They provide a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from chic electric ATVs for older children to little automobiles for the youngest children. With Rafplay, you can be sure that your kid will have a ton of fun while putting their safety first.

You may browse through Rafplay's vast assortment, evaluate features, and make a wise choice thanks to their user-friendly website. Additionally, they offer hassle-free shipping, which makes it easy for you to put a grin on your child's face.


There isn't a universal solution to the 24V vs. 12V electric ride-ons dispute. The decision will be influenced by the age, preferences, and intended use of your kid for the ride-on. A 24V ride-on is the best option if you have an older thrill seeker yearning for fast speeds and extended excursions. A 12V ride-on, on the other hand, is a better choice if you have a smaller child who prefers shorter trips and neighborhood exploring.

Whatever you decide, Rafplay, an online retailer in the UAE, has a great assortment of electric ride-ons. They put fun and safety first, making sure that your child's activity is both fun and safe. Make the appropriate decision for your child's next outdoor excursion now!

Ultimately, whether it's a 24V or 12V electric ride-on, what matters most is the smile it puts on your child's face as they have thrilling adventures in your neighborhood.


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