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Megastar Inflatable Rainbow & Cloudy Bouncer Water Pool Combo Kids Slide 8.40 x 5.80 x 2.55 mtr
The tall mesh walls around the This Megastar Inflatable Rainbow and cloudy Bouncer Water Pool keeps your children safe while allowing them free to bounce, and you can watch their movements at any time. The bouncer stakes in each corner...
Dhs. 3,899
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Inflatable Hydro Summer Escape Jump & Splash - Wet/Dry
Dhs. 2,150 Dhs. 2,099
Inflatable Hydro Summer Escape Jump & Splash - Wet/Dry
Description of Inflatable Hydro Summer Escape: Want endless fun on a hot day?! Inflatable Hydro Summer Escape Jump & Splash - Wet/Dry is an amazing bouncy waterpark with just so many awesome features!! It has a water slide, splash pool, ball...
Dhs. 2,150 Dhs. 2,099
Bestway Inflatable Mount Splashmore Mega Water Park by H20GO
Description of Bestway Inflatable Mount Splashmore Mega Water Park: Stand by for endlessly entertained children with the Mount Splash more Mega Water Park from Bestway. A big bouncy edifice to fun times, this mammoth mountain of splashiness self-inflates in less than...
Dhs. 2,799 Dhs. 1,999
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Crazy Inflatable Falls Inflatable Water Slider Park
Description : The Crazy Falls Inflatable Water Slider Park will Encourage the kids to enjoy playing outdoors with the Sportspower Twin Peaks Splash and Slide! Great for parties, barbecues, and events, kids can stay active for hours of playtime outside while...
Dhs. 4,999
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Inflatable H2OGO!®️ Hurricane Tunnel Waterpark, 420 x 320 x 260
Description : Bring your garden to life this summer with the Bestway Constant Air Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park! Includes a curved slide, climbing wall and a large pool area, this mega water park comes with a variety of...
Dhs. 2,199
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Bestway Inflatable Splashtona raceway mega water park By H20go
Description of Bestway Inflatable Splashtona raceway mega water park By H20go Why leave your home when you can have your very own Splashtona raceway mega water park. Ideal for kids aged 5-10, they will love climbing the wall, sliding down the...
Dhs. 2,499
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Bestway Inflatable Splash tower mega water park By H20GO
Description : Introducing Bestway Splash tower mega water park, the ultimate inflatable play area for your garden this summer! This inflatable water park is designed with fun and safety in mind, made from durable and colorful PVC-coated polyester material and...
Dhs. 1,999
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Bestway Inflatable Splash & dash water park By H2OGO
Description : Enjoy the ultimate Splash & Dash water park. There is a lot to discover with a very large play pool, tunnel, and bouncer. You can cool off from the pool before your next trip down. It also has...
Dhs. 1,499
Bestway Inflatable Turbo Splash Water Zone Mega Park (3.6 x 3.2 x 2.7 m)
What better way for children to spend the sultry summer days than with their friends splashing around in a nice pool? When the heat becomes unbearable and the kids get bored, the coolest and most fun solution is an inflatable water playground...
Dhs. 2,999 Dhs. 2,399
Bestway H2OGO!® Tidal Tower Mega Water Park - 5.65m x 3.73m x 2.68m
Enjoy endless water fun in the comforts of your own garden with the Bestway Blast zone inflatable Hydro water park with a slider! Suitable for ages 5-10, children will have infinite fun, whether they are sliding down the curved slide...
Dhs. 3,299 Dhs. 2,299
Bestway H2OGO!® Dodge & Drench Water Park - 4.5m x 4.5m x 2.68m
Made of a durable and colorful PVC coated polyester material Attached sprinkler ball swings and sprays water 4 balancing platforms for kids to stand on as they dodge the sprinkler ball Mesh sidewalls for safety Setup is quick and easy....
Dhs. 1,699
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Megastar Inflatable Bouncy Shark Jumper With Double Slide Water Park
Description: Run, Jump & Splash . This Inflatable Bouncy Shark Jumper is sure to make kids scream with glee. This is perfect for either indoor or outdoor fun. Ready to play under 2 mins. It can bring happiness, play and rest...
Dhs. 2,299
Megastar Inflatable Slide and Splash Water Bounce Tower Jumper
A great success for children's parties: our giant inflatable castle comes with a built-in trampoline, a slide that goes directly over it to an integrated pool to keep children cool. Keep your little guests entertained for hours after hours. Support...
Dhs. 1,999

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