Ride on Raf 12 v Bmw I8 Style with scissor Doors

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Ride on Raf  12 v Bmw I8 Style with scissor Doors

Electric car for baby ZS 8888 is the hottest car today because of its outstanding features and luxurious design, the most impressive of ZS-8888 designed 9 inch print video screen, your baby will delight. Watch favorite videos like cartoons, children's music. Your baby will be extremely interested in these utilities, especially when feeding him.

 Powerful JB-8888 electric car with 2 cylinders, 2 engines, 2 individual doors

- The car designs effective damping system with the equipment between the body and the axles, the advantage is when the car moves on. The uneven road is still smooth, reducing the body vibrations and giving the baby comfort in the driving car.

- There are 2 modes: parents control from the car or the baby drives himself

- The car is made of new, safe and secure plastic

- Oto power for the baby 8888 Highlighted with vivid flashing LED system, colorful impression accompanied with funny music to create excitement for the baby.

- Connect MP3, phone, watch live video

- Optional volume control button

- JB-8888 car with spacious seat design, seat belt for children to use, especially soft saddle, quiet.


  • SIZE: 125*80*53cm
  • PACKING: 127*65*36cm
  • GW/NW: 24/20KG
  • MOTOR: 550*2
  • BATTERY: 6V7AH*2
  • Slow starting, plastic wheel, double motor and battery, music, light, volume control, MP3 connector, power display, RC, opening door, soft painting, two-speed level.


This toy should only be used on dry, flat/even, hard and level surfaces such as a cut lawn or patio. It should not be used on gradients, soft surfaces such as sand, gravel and mud OR uneven surfaces such as fields and paddocks.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery

Age Group


Shipping Time

Max weight

2-5 years

On manufacturers defect only

5 -7 DAYS

25 KGS

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