Raf Licensed 12 v BMW ride on Bike K1300S Rider for kids



Introducing the new Raf Licensed ride on BMW Bike K1300S Rider for kids, it's a scaled copy of a BMW road motorcycle.
DESIGN: Get the keys! Jump on! Grab the handlebars and start it! Is it like a real motorbike? There are three gear for the forward drive and, in comparison with the real motorcycle, you can also reverse. Play music or connect your MP3 player and go for a trip.
When you get back, charge your bike, you will find the charging connector on the motorbike's side. For increased safety and stability, the motorbike is equipped with auxiliary wheels.
MATERIAL: Sculpted from heavy-duty plastic, the battery BIKE frame is sure to stay free of rust.


Key start-up, With music function
Electric pedal controlled go forward With LED light in the front and have high-low three speed start with ignition sound - sound control - working sound - working head lights - mp3 socket - horn - speaker system - leg accelerator - wider seat - motor - rechargeable and non-spill able 6V single battery.


Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs. maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the Rideons as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery of the ride on.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


4-7 business days

3-6 years


You can watch the video of product here: