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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Value for Price

My husband and I purchased this for our youngest 1st birthday and he loves everything about it. Once it arrived it was easy to assemble.You do not have to screw in that much and the instructions were easy to follow.

We let it charge for one whole day and took it for a spin. He is short so his feet did not touch the pedal but it comes with a remote controller so you can control it. But you could not tell my little one he was not driving haha. We have a jeep so it was pretty cool to find him one also.

The best feature is the fact you can play your own music and also listen to the radio. Once it was outside we got to pick up a few stations but there were still some static. We always play music from our cell phone or his iPad and he enjoys every tune.

The battery life is good also we charged it for about 10 hours and he gets a day and half of driving from that. If you're thinking about purchasing this you should you will not be disappointed.

RefPlay Always Best

From my last purchased about a 6 month ago I was surprised by the quality of Raf Play but this time again they have proved that they are providing good quality products.