Raf Electric Ride on SPEARHEADER 4WD Offroad for kids



It's time to be adventurous, and take a trail less traveled on. While other battery powered Ride On vehicles are limited to sidewalks and driveways, this 4x4 Truck was engineered to be pushed to its limits.

DESIGN: With its rugged design it makes any unbeaten path yield to its fearless spirit. This 4x4 Truck has it all! Four-wheel drive, working head/tail lights, and MP3/SD/USB inputs, for all of your child's favorite tunes. Each one of our 4WD Pickup Trucks, comes with a parental remote control. This allows you to drive your child around. When they're ready they can take over and drive themselves, via the steering wheel/foot pedals. This Ride On Kids Pickup has a working tailgate and side doors, so your toddler can haul his/her favorite toys around. Features include; leather seats, a painted finish, electronic power steering for easy turning, rubber tires for greater grip on all terrain, and rear spring suspension for a softer ride. 

MATERIAL: Sculpted from heavy-duty plastic, the battery Car frame is sure to stay free of rust


*Electric pedal controlled and 2.4G remote controlled
*Multi functional steering wheel with music effects, Music: Yes Lights: yes
*With mp3,USB socket, adjustable volume
*With power display  
*Wih Four-wheel suspension
*Doors can be opened  
*Battery: 12V10A
*With leather seat,
*With EVA wheels 
*Product size:138*75*74cm
*Carton size:136*73*50cm / CBM:0.497


Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs. maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the Rideons as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery of the ride on.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


4-7 business days

3-8 years


You can watch the video of product here: