Raf Electric Licensed Vintage Ride On Volvo xc90 for Car Loving Kids



Raf Electric Licensed Vintage Ride On Volvo xc90 for kids is a true eyecatcher.

DESIGN: With its beautiful details, this is really a copy on scale. This electric car for kids is standard equipped with parental remote control so you can control the car as parents if your child has not mastered it yet.
MATERIAL: Safety of this car for kids.We only supply cars that meet the highest safety standards, so this electric car for children is also equipped with a seat belt and a very strong suspension. This car is equipped with softstart, which means that the car drives slowly builds up speed to prevent the child from getting a "shock" when driving away. With the car is also a parental remote control included wich allows parents to control the car when your child is still learning to drive! Extra strong battery. We would like to see satisfied customers, so we choose to deliver our electric cars standard with an extra strong battery that provides the kids car with more power will last longer. We choose to use these batteries from experience, many providers choose a weaker battery, but you will need to replace that one much sooner!
Driving over a soft surface significantly reduces the speed of the electric car. It is therefore advisable to drive cars over a solid surface. Of course, our children's cars can ride grass, but this reduces the speed.


  • 12v 7ah 12v Battery with 35w Motors
  • Magnetic Opening doors
  • LED lights at front and back
  • Safety Seat belt
  • Carry handle for easy transportation
  • Key Start
  • 2.4G Parental Remote Control
  • Spring Suspension
  • USB/MP3/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Forwards and reverse
  • Power indicator
  • 2.4G Parental Remote
  • 2 Speed
  • Powered by 35W Motors


Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs. maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the Rideons as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery of the ride on.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


3-5 business days

3-8 years


You can watch the video of product here: