Ride On Electric Jeep X5 For Kids



New exclusive Raf Electric Kids Jeep X5 style 24v AWD for kids super ride on is perfect for children 2-5 years of age.

DESIGN: Step on the foot pedal accelerator and drive with fast 12V speed! This model is equipped with the parental remote-control system, which is great for when your little driver just wants to be driven around. When they are ready to retake control you may switch the car to pedal function.

MATERIAL: Ride On Electric Jeep X5 For Kids is Sculpted from heavy-duty plastic, the battery Car frame is sure to stay free of rust


  • R/C Ride on Car with 2.4G Remote control
  • Four wheels with shock absorber ,Colorful lights,MP3 port,Music,USD and SD card,with trunk,volume adjustable
  • Two doors can be opened
  • Two seaters
  • One key start


Kindly avoid Storage In Sun, Heat & Water. Do Not overcharge Car Beyond 7-8 Hrs. maximum. Make Sure To Recharge the Rideons as soon as speed goes low. Avoid Complete Drainage of battery To Preserve Longevity of the battery of the ride on.

Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete drainage of battery.

Shipping time

Age group


4-7 business days

2-5 years