Outdoor Palm Flower Twin Slide & Triple Climber Swing Metal Playset- 960 X 460 X 420 CM

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  • This Eco-friendly Palm Flower Springs Fun Playpark Is A huge Addition to your garden. The Best solution to keep your Lil & Big Kids busy at all times It Creates a perfect experience for your children to get social and interactive and release all their energy.
  • This Beautiful & warm design, makes kids have much more fun and play again and again. This metal swing set features a sheltered, Tree tower with a roof and has strongly built swings and 2 different types of slides, swings for up to 3 Children at one time,1 awesome tube slide, & 1 regular slide.
  • It also includes a sturdy staircase to get to the slides as well as a small play tower that can accommodate 2-3 kids at one time.
  • This Awesome playset also includes climber steps that can help children reach up to the slide atop the tower and enjoy their ride to the slide.
  • There is a variety of so many activities for Your kids, family and friends that they can enjoy your backyard swing set altogether.
  • Whether your child would rather be swinging, barreling down the wave slide, reaching new heights on the swing set, Climbing the steps like a Lil monkey, or simply enjoying the view, the playset is packed with activities to encourage hours of rigorous playtime. Perfect for outdoors, Gardens, Schools, Nurseries, Playparks, Villas etc

 Features of Palm Flower Twin Slide & Triple Climber Swing Metal Playset:

  • Made of durable cast iron and steel tube & High-quality fibre
  • Solid and strong construction makes it durable
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor play
  • Allows for a fun-packed playing experience
  • Suitable for improving children's energy and imagination
  • Helping them grow their abilities of cognition, judgement and problem-solving during play is Great for kids as well as adults. Can easily carry 7- 8 children at 1 go. Great for kids between 4- and 15 years. Kindly take note the bars and tops could have varied designs and colours. Also requires professional installation. Make sure to choose the installation option and provide accurate information about the nature of the ground for installation Purposes To The installation team Of Megastar ( soil, interlock, grass)

Storage Instructions:

Avoid Extreme Heat & Water. Try To keep these garden toys under shaded areas and make sure to bring a tarpaulin cover for them to be covered. don’t use water directly In order to avoid rust




  1. Please check the screws and other catchers of equipment regularly.
  2. Please don't let overweight use, kids under 12 need to play with adult supervision
  3. Clean with a Damp cloth 4. Keep away, toddlers.

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Outdoor Palm Flower Twin Slide & Triple Climber Swing Metal Playset- 960 X 460 X 420 CM
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