Megastar Ride on Licensed Lamborghini Electric car XXL Big Kids 2 Seater 24v

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šŸ“Ā Description ofĀ Megastar Ride-on Licensed LamborghiniĀ  XXL Big Kids 2 Seater Lamborghini Ride-On 24v Supercar:

Ā "The Officially Licensed XXL Edition Lamborghini Ride-on Supercar By megastar is here, and Kids VIP couldn't be more excited to unveil this huge,
a fashionable, improved, and luxurious addition to our product line.
Adjustable extra-wide eco-leather seats and seatbelts are included in this new authentic Lamborghini XXL ride-on automobile.
Inside is where this Incredible Ride really begins to take off! Its unique and improved ALL STEEL frame allows for use by people weighing up to 200 pounds.
The Megastar Lamborghini SV XXL EDITION's 24 v dual brushless motor and distinctive strong differential gearbox are, without a doubt, the most impressive characteristics.

The authentic Lamborghini SV is a rare and desirable vehicle that offers a genuine driving experience with its speed control pedal,
dual brake discs, brake pedal, and parking hand brake.
Now, everyone can join in the action with unprecedented velocity, faultless motor efficiency, and, of course, extraterrestrial forms of amusement.
I mean, how awesome is that? "

šŸ“Features of Megastar Ride-on Licensed LamborghiniĀ  XXL Big Kids 2 Seater Lamborghini Ride-On 24v Supercar:

  • Ā Megastar XXL Big Kids 2 Seater Lamborghini Ride-On 24v Supercar
  • 24 v dual Brushless Motor and Rubber Wheels
  • Color: Grey yellow & blue
  • Size: XXL OVERSIZED: 176x 108 x 64 cms
  • Seats: UPGRADED: 2 Eco Leather Seats
  • Seat belt: YES
  • Opening doors: YES
  • Volume Control:: YES
  • Music inputs:: YES
  • Doors: : YES, Hydraulic scissor doors
  • differential Lights: YES,
  • Front and Brake Lights Battery life indicator: YES
  • Parking Brake: YES, Hand parking brake
  • Wheels/Tires Material: : Real, Tubeless inflatable wheels
  • Start type: Push Start Brake: Yes, All Metal Gears
  • Parental remote: YES
  • Steering Wheel: Power Steering Wheel
  • Charger included: YES
  • Battery:Ā  TOTAL 24V 10AMP Total power
  • Frame Material: All Steel Axel: Heavy-Duty Differential
  • Suspension: All wheels
  • Maximum speed: UP TO 9 mph
  • Carrying weight: Up to 80 kgs.
  • Ages: 2-8 years
  • Ā Dimension of Individual package in CM:Ā 160 x B 75 x H 55 cm
  • weight of Individual package:Ā 45 kg

šŸ’ŗ Age, weight & Seat Capacity:


shipping time

Dimension of Individual package in CM


Age Group

80 kg

2-4Ā  DAYS

160 x B 75 x H 55 cm

On manufacturer's defect only

2-8 yrs

ā„¹ļø Cautions:


"Do not overcharge battery beyond 5-7hours max
-As soon as the speed goes low, put it on the charger before totally draining off the battery. If not so, the battery will go completely dead and Megastar won't b held responsible.
-Make sure not to keep the product unused/uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
-Avoid water near the battery and engine, just clean with a damp cloth.
- Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity sit on the item else it is bound to stop working. Avoid sharp or pointed and rocky roads "

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Megastar Ride on Licensed Lamborghini Electric car XXL Big Kids 2 Seater 24v
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