Bestway 56478 - 14' X 48" POWER STEEL ROUND POOL SET



The Bestway 56478 Power Steel Frame round frame pool is a special pleasure for the whole family on warm days.
Its frame of galvanized tubular posts, connecting corners, lintels is quickly assembled. The surface of all assembly parts does not rust.
The pool is made of PVC containing 3 layers (layer of fiberglass mesh, 2 layers of PVC). In this case, an advanced method of its manufacture (SUPER-TOUGH) was applied. This super strong material has enhanced durability.
The pool is equipped with a sand filter pump with a capacity of 3785 l / h. The filter capacity contains 18 kg of quartz sand, which, as it is abraded and removed during operation, needs to be added to a certain mark on the filter wall. Complete replacement is required after 5 l. This filter pump provides 30% better cleaning than common but less efficient cartridge pumps.
There is also a comfortable staircase. Its sturdy metal racks are coated with high-quality paint for long-term rust protection.
The pool is also equipped with special bedding and an awning cover. Included bedding protects the bottom. In addition, its porous material prevents the accumulation of water under the bottom of the pool. The awning effectively protects water from pollution by garbage, dust and from sunshine.
At the bottom of the pool there is a valve for convenient quick drainage of water.
The pool is not equipped with a skimmer - a surface water collection system for filtration.
The Bestway Power Steel Frame gray frame pools differ from the blue METAL FRAME Pools with a thicker wall and a more reinforced frame.


4.27m x 1.22m POWER STEEL
- Aboveground swimming pool kit
- Installation usually takes approximately 20 minutes with 2-3 people excluding earthworks and filling.
- Dimensions-Capacities 90%: 15,232L/4,024gal
- Contents: One pool, sand filter pump, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth, repair patch
- Flowclear Sand Filter  Pump's™ water flow rate (pump capacity): 3,785 L/h (1,000 gal./h) Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 3,785 L/h (1,000 gal./h)
- CE, TÃœV Rheinland, 220-240 l 50Hz, 180W
- Pool Cover Includes Ropes To Secure Cover Drain Holes To Prevent Water From Accumulating
- Ground Cloth Provides Extra Protection For The Bottom Of The Pool
- Pool Ladder 1.22m (48")  Rust-resistant metal frame  Heavy-duty plastic steps


Adult supervision required when children are in and around pools. Never leave your child unattended while using this or any other floating device. Parental supervision required. Use The Right Swimming Equipment's Like goggles, ear plugs, etc.

Storage Instructions:

Kindly Keep Under A shaded area, keep Away From sharp surfaces or objects, Change water regularly.

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