Bestway 56369 - 6.10M X 3.60M X 1.20M HYDRIUM™ OVAL POOL SET - rafplay
Bestway 56369 - 6.10M X 3.60M X 1.20M HYDRIUM™ OVAL POOL SET - rafplay
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Bestway 56369 - 6.10M X 3.60M X 1.20M HYDRIUM™ OVAL POOL SET



Pool Hydrium ovaltm + Sand Filter Pump + Ladder + Towel base the top quality PVC Liner of the thickness of 0.4 mm is UV stabilized and protects against burns caused by the sun; Hips reinforced steel thickness of 0.4 mm and edges Extra Wide (16 cm) around the pool. The liner UV stabilized protects against scalding caused by sun edges Extra Wide (16 cm) around the pool liner of top quality PVC thickness of 0.4 mm Hips reinforced steel thickness of 0.4 mm No tool needed for the central stand assembly for the reinforced structure features length 610 cm Width 360 cm Height 120 cm Weight 191 kg Capacity to 90% 119.929lt 3H Easy and quick mounting with 3 people includes pool sand filter, ladder, Rug, patch repair kit base Reinforced DVD for the assembly and maintenance FlowclearTM Sand Filter filters 3,785 L for now, 220 - 240 V.


Hydrium Oval Pool Set 20' x 12' x 48" /6.10m x 3.6m x 1.20m• Water capacity (90%): 19,929 L (5,265 gal.)
- Corrosion resistant metal frames
- Reinforced 0.4 mm (16 ga.) UV-resistant PVC liner protects against sun damage
- Extra wide 16 cm (6.3”) steel top rails
- Triangular supports on both sides of frames increase stability and safety
- Unique ridge design along the outside of pool wall provides added support
- Integrated surface skimmer works together with the water filter to help remove unwanted floating debris and keep pool water crystal clean
- Pool should be assembled on a solid, zero degree level surface DVD with step-by-step instructions on pool setup and maintenance
- Underwater adhesive repair patch
- Patent pending Includes pool, #58400 sand filter pump (220-240V, 3785 L water flow rate, 3785 L integrated system flow rate), #58331 safety ladder, #58135 ground cloth, DVD Sturdy Card board Box with Pictures Installation usually takes approximately 3 hours with 2-3 people excluding earthworks and filling.


Adult supervision required when children are in and around pools. Never leave your child unattended while using this or any other floating device. Parental supervision required. Use The Right Swimming Equipment's Like goggles , ear plugs, etc.

Storage Instructions:

Kindly Keep Under A shaded area, keep Away From sharp surfaces or objects , Change water regularly

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Material: 100% Polyester