Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set
Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set
Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set

Bestway 16' x 9' x 48" Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set

Dhs. 2,799
Dhs. 2,799
Title: Without Installation
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Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set

Bestway 16' x 9' x 48" Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set

Dhs. 2,799

Bestway 16' x 9' x 48" Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set

Dhs. 2,799
Title: Without Installation
  • A rack basin is a good or even very good solution for those who know perfectly well how the pool increases the property's value, but because of the lack of space, they can not afford it.
  • Besides, the pool for them is not only the decoration of the house but, above all, the place of sport and relaxation, which is why they do not want to give up because of its construction.
  • This swimming pool is 488 cm x 274 cm x 122 cm, so it will perfectly fit into a smaller garden and give its users as much joy as a full-size swimming pool.
  • In the set from the manufacturer, we find a stable pool structure made of proven and patented Tri-Tech material that guarantees quality, durability, and no leakage.
  • The design means that the pool, with 13,000 liters of water, can not fall over.
  • And this is the most important thing in terms of the security of its users.
  • The pool also has a fully functional filter pump that will take care of the health aspects or cleanliness of the pool water.
  • In order to put a swimming pool, you must have a layer, a sheet that insulates it from the ground, which the producer also ensures.
  • Hopping into this pool would not be easy because you will also find a handy stainless steel ladder in the set and an irreplaceable cover for the pool.
  • This is especially useful when the rain rains and also at night.
  • You do not want to build a swimming pool, you do not have to, and you'll enjoy it anyway when you have a Bestway rack pool.
  • Bestway garden pool filter pump for type II pump cover for swimming pool mat for the safe swimming pool.


Bestway Pool 4.88m x 2.74m x 1.22m, Power Steel. Pool type: Framed pool, Shape: Rectangular, Capacity: 13177 L. Filtration capacity: 3028 l/h, Pump voltage: 220 - 240 V, Hose diameter: 3.2 cm. Width: 5270 mm, Depth: 3140 mm, Height: 1220 mm. Package type: Full-color box. - Installation usually takes approximately 30 minutes with 2 people excluding earthworks and filling.
- Dimensions-Capacities 90%: 13,177L/3,481gal.


One pool, filter pump, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth, repair patch
- Flow clear Filter Pump Pump's water flow rate (pump capacity): 3,028 L/h (800 gal./h) Integrated pool system water flow rate
- (system flow rate): 2,195 L/h (580 gal./h)
- CE, TœV Rheinland, 220-240 l 50Hz, 32W
- Pool Cover  Cover is secured to the pool by rope  Drain holes to prevent water from accumulation
- Ground Cloth Provides extra protection for the bottom of the pool
- Pool Ladder 1.22m (48"") Rust-resistant metal frame Heavy-duty plastic steps.


Adult supervision is required when children are in and around pools. Never leave your child unattended while using this or any other floating device. Parental supervision is required. Use The Right Swimming Equipment Like goggles, earplugs, etc.

Storage Instructions

Keep Under A shaded area, keep Away From sharp surfaces or objects, and Change the water regularly.

Age Group


Shipping Time

Max Load Capacity

Delivery All over UAE


On manufacturer's defect only

3 -4 Business Days

13177 L


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Why is the color inside my pool fading? 
Excessive use of chemicals can cause the color of the inside of the liner to fade. This is similar to a swimsuit fading from repeated contact with chlorinated water over time.

What can I do if the liner becomes stuck to the top rails when dismantling it?
With the help of a little wooden stick and some talcum powder, the liner can be separated from the top rails. As the user manual recommends, to avoid this situation in future seasons, customers can apply some talcum to the top rails before installation. See below video and technical instructions

What can I do if water is leaking from the strainer?
Open the strainer cover, remove the o-ring, and apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline over the o-ring. Replace the o-ring and cover. Make sure the cover is securely tightened by hand only

How do I know if the pressure gauge is faulty?

The pressure gauge should drop to zero “0” when the motor is turned off. If the motor is turned off and the pressure gauge doesn't drop to zero, it is broken.

What can I do if water is leaking from the purge valve?

If the leak is from the purge valve, follow these instructions:
1: Check if the purge valve is correctly tightened.
2: If the purge valve is correctly tightened, follow the below steps.
Step 1: Close the connection valves to avoid water flowing out when you open the purge valve.
Step 2: Open the purge valve and check if the gasket is missing or damaged.


Kindly make a note :

Installation charges in Dxb, Shj & Ajman 125 AED will be additional
Installation charges in all other Emirates 250 AED will be additional
Kindly leave a note on checkout if you need installation services For this product or whats app us with your order number


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