Bestway® "Sing 'n Splash" water play center 295 x 190 x 137 cm

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  • The perfect way to spend a hot summer day.
  • This play pool is made of soft material and is inflatable.
  • The design is carefree and cheerful, to set the right tone!
  • Ideal for your kids to call their friends and have a joyous time.
  • The pool is durable and safe for use.


  • Removable slide with rope and eyelets for attachment
  • Arch with integrated water sprayer and ring throwing game
  • 2 ball tracks with a total of 6 game balls
  • Inflatable cushion in the pool floor for a comfortable landing when sliding
  • Water capacity (small area): 114 liters (30 gal.)
  • Water capacity (large area): 235 liters (62 gal.)
  • Contents: a 2-part paddling pool area, a slide, a drum, 2 inflatable rings, a microphone, 6 play balls, a repair patch


size Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Uninflated 299 192 0
Inflated 295 190 137
packaging 15.5 39 39


Why the color inside my pool is fading? 
Excessive use of chemicals can cause the color of the inside of the liner to fade. This is similar to a swimsuit fading over time from repeated contact with chlorinated water.

What can I do if the liner becomes stuck to the top rails when dismantling it?
With the help of a little wooden stick and some talcum powder, the liner can be separated from the top rails. As recommended in the user manual, to avoid this situation in future seasons, customers can apply some talcum to the top rails before installation. See below video and technical instructions

What can I do if water is leaking from the strainer?
Open the strainer cover, remove the o-ring and apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline over the o-ring. Replace the o-ring and cover. Make sure the cover is securely tightened by hand only

How do I know if the pressure gauge is faulty?

The pressure gauge should drop to zero “0” when the motor is turned off. In case the motor is turned off and the pressure gauge didn't drop to zero, it means that it is broken.

What can I do if water is leaking from the purge valve?

If the leak is from the purge valve, follow these instructions:
1: Check if the purge valve is correctly tightened.
2: If the purge valve is correctly tightened, follow the below steps.
Step 1: close the connection valves to avoid water flowing out when you open the purge valve.
Step 2: Open the purge valve and check if the gasket is missing or damaged.

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Bestway® "Sing 'n Splash" water play center 295 x 190 x 137 cm
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