Cool Wheelie Easy Foldable Scooter For Kids

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📝 Description of Cool Wheelie Easy Foldable Scooter For Kids:

With the Megastar C-WHEELS brand scooter, you will have lots of fun meeting the post. You will love the new scooters of this brand that produces quality and durable tools. It is also very enjoyable to use this scooter with its light and bell. MADE IN TURKEY

📝 Features of Cool Wheelie Easy Foldable Scooter For Kids:

  • 3-wheeler, with two wheels in front.
  • Illuminated front led lamp with the lighted front caster.
  • There is a ring on it, 3-stage adjustable paint, Base is 55 cm.
  • Height starts from 76 cm.
  • Color: Pink and Black
  • Gender: Girl and Boy
  • Cool Wheels 2 In-1 Scooter 3+ Pink
  • Scooter 2 in 1 Scooter Scooter Kids Scooter With Wheels Cool Wheels
  • Scooter New Design 2 in 1 Child With Brakes Skate + 3 years old
  • Whether 3 Wheels or 2 Wheels
  • Adjustable Size Min. 60 cm - Max. 73 cm
  • The direction of Steering Direction
  • New Stylish Design and Colors
  • Easy Maneuver Feature
  • Age: + 3 Age, Max. 50 kg

ℹ️ Cautions:


Parent supervision is important. Safety Equipment like helmets and elbow and knee pads should be worn at all times

📦 Storage Instructions:

Try Keeping away from extreme sun and away from toddlers

💺 Age, weight & Seat Capacity:

Max Load Capacity

shipping time


Age group 

50 Kg

2-4 days

Cool Wheels

+ 3 years



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Cool Wheelie Easy Foldable Scooter For Kids
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