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Favorite Electric Cars for Kids | Rafplay

by SEO Pixel Webz 03 Nov 2021

Electric cars are a sure way to get your kid excited about the holidays! Imagine their delight when you gift them an electric car for Christmas. Not only will they be able to drive around in style, exploring all of Rafplay’s  great toy options- but there is also something special between these two loves: gadgetry. With battery-powered mini cars that can go anywhere from 10 mph - 20 km/h (6– 12MPH), children have more opportunities than ever before at thrill-seeking adventures without any risk involved.


Choosing a Kids’ Electric Car

Electric cars for kids come in a variety of models, including tractors and even luxury vehicles. With so many options to choose from today, there's sure to be one that will suit your child's needs!



Electric Cars for Kids with Remote Controls

Racing down the driveway is so much fun! But if your toddler isn't quite ready for it, why not start them off with a remote-controlled car? Remote control cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some even have manual options to teach you how to steer when they're grown up enough yet; this will prepare those little fingers ahead of time next winter season by learning now instead of waiting until there's nothing left, but stubbornness teaches us again how vital safety has been as well.

For children under eight years old, you should look for vehicles that have lower speeds. Electric cars are designed with maximum rates ranging from 1-4 mph, and these can be a good option if your little one is still learning how to drive safely on their own!


Electric Cars for Kids Ages 10 and Up

Once your child is about ten years old, they may be ready for more advanced electric car models. Look out because these fast-moving vehicles can travel up to 20 mph! Your kids might also enjoy a car with rougher terrain like dune buggies or four-wheelers, perfect if you live in a hilly area of town.


Charging Your Kids’ Electric Car

It's no surprise that kids love riding in the car with their parents. Many families own an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle for this reason! But what if your little one has their very own ride? Well, don't worry because it's easier than ever before to charge up those cars these days - most come equipped with both a cord and battery pack so you can drive around all day long on just charged electricity from home (with extra capacity). And best of all: there are plenty out right now designed specifically toward kiddos who want nothing more active outdoorsy pursuits at hand while traveling where they need power outlets available frequently.


Cost of Kids’ Electric Cars

Kids' electric cars can cost anywhere from $100 to $700. The prices vary depending on the type and manufacturer. Still, a good rule of thumb is that luxury vehicles typically have higher starting points than economy-class models do as well as more expensive accessories like chargers for your child's BMW i3s or Chevy Sonic subcompacts--which could easily add up quickly!



Pros and Cons of Kids’ Electric Cars

You may be wondering what the best kids' ride-on electric cars are. Well, there's no one answer because every child is different! Some like to drive around searching for adventures, while others would rather play with their toy at home or go on vacation without worrying about traffic.


  • The kids’ electric car is the rarest of all toys, and it's fun to find one in excellent condition!
  • Teaching your kids to drive is not only suitable for their safety, but it will also teach them many valuable life skills like how to steer and handle cars. It's never too early or late in the game!
  • Electric cars are an excellent way to encourage imaginative play and exploration.



  • Electric cars are great for kids because they don't require gas, which can take up to six hours of charge time. If your child needs an electric vehicle right away, you might consider buying them another battery so that all their playing doesn't stop while waiting at home or in school!
  • Luxury electric cars for kids can be pretty expensive. But, if your family is looking to save money or needs something quick and easy, then there's no better choice than buying one of these economical yet luxurious vehicles!
  • Electric cars for kids ages ten and over may become dirty with use on more rugged terrain.


Electric cars for kids are a great way to get them excited about the future of transportation. Now that you know more about these electric vehicles, it's time to start thinking about what they might want as presents from their parents!


Are you investing in some new gadgets this year? Plan out your electrical needs this holiday season by contacting Rafplay. Call 971 567775824 or make an appointment online today.



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