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Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26
Foldable 26


Walk, Ride & Scoot......

Dhs. 599.00
  • This foldable mountain bicycle has high carbon steel that reduces vibrations and mitigates impacts while you are riding.
  • The folding frame makes this bicycle easy to store in small spaces and mix transport with the bicycle - you can keep the bicycle in a car or bus and train.
  • 26 inch and 21-speed gears provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your ride - it Doesn't Require much efforts to ride and maintain the speed. 
  • With that bicycle, you will have a comfy and safe off-road ride due to the disc brakes set, tire coverage and suspension system. 

Compact & Easy To Carry

Now you can take your Mountain bike where ever you go without the need for those pesky bike racks or risking the dangers of locking it up in public spaces with the Land Rover 26" Folding Bikes. The bike folds neatly in about 15 seconds so you can store in almost any location. This streamline frame design is not just for mountains trails, its also great for students, office workers, urban environments, or any convenient commuting.

This is a great bike. We bought it for family bike rides through cross town trails and it is perfect. It was relatively easy to assemble, although the actual directions were useless and/or misleading since the bike arrived in a more assembled state than what the directions assume. This is a fantastic bike, and we will buy another one so we have one for each adult.

- Sandra


Powerful Braking System 

Provides a stronger, faster, more reliable stopping power than the traditional V-Brake Systems. Disc brakes also do not wear out your tires and last much longer. Since disc brakes are much more consistent, you’ll be able to judge braking more accurately.

High tensile steel folding frame

 Strong & Foldable Frame that can with stand rough mountain trails and folds flat in seconds with no tools required!

Front & Rear Shock Absorbers

High Quality Suspension that could withstand many tough terrain mountain trails or daily commutes. Recommended rider's approximate height 5'3" - 6'0". Weighs 42 lbs (approx.).


Portable and Strong

The 26" frame bike offers you a great ride with the added convenience of portability. The portable folding frame is constructed with High Tensile Steel and comes with reliable, top of the line quality name brand components such as Shifters.
The 21-speed function gives you the option to cruise or punch it in high gear. The disc brake technology provides long lasting and gives more stopping power than traditional v-brakes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mohamed A.
Good Cycle up-to 50km

I am new to gear cycle and so everything is new to me... So having this in mind please read the review..

*Foldable. You can fold the cycle. But it is heavy to carry. But you can fold and keep it in your car. There will be silver folding to unlock and fold. Release it to unlock...
*It is smooth if you maintain the speed.
*7+3 gears. If you are new to gear system, check out some tutorials before riding. For first timers it would be difficult to understand. Call and ask doubts to the seller. He is really helpful.
*85% assembled... If you have no idea about cycle mechanism, you will be definitely happy that half of the assembling is done
*Handle is good
*driving off-road is also good and gives good balance
*Mudguard and bell are provided...
Overall cycle is good.

Jignesh Rathod
Really good one

Compare to offline cycle it is a good one. Don't worry about straight and stability. Its parts also very common so don't worry about future maintenance. Light weight and looks cool. But don't rely on fitting kits provide by seller. Buy your own megal kit for fitting which will cost u 100-200 (L-key box and screw driver). Very smooth riding.

shrikanth nayak
Value for money

Foldable cycle,value for money

Faiz Ali
Very nice bike .... All in one package

Beautiful bike, need assembly, very good response from seller... Thanks for that...
My son loved it,, perfect bike for young ones...

Bit of fine adjustments required for gears and handle in my case,, I'm sure it will be done by local cycle assy shop.. otherwise no issues riding it...

Dr Shashank Srivastava
What are you searching for just go & grab it

It's an awesome product.....be it the smoothness of riding this bike, it's gear shift, or the design-a definite eye catcher.
Though being a Dr. I prescribe medicines...But this time my prescription to stay healthy and fit (Don't skip ur medicines....LOL) would be this bike...

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