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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heidi Gustus
Great Seller When Problems Arise

The car is very realistic and well built for a kids car. It came (shipped) well protected and was very easy to put together. I had an issue when starting it fort he first time. One of the wires started smoking causing the room to fill with smoke. We are very lucky the car did not start on fire. I contacted the seller and they did a fantastic job at responding and lining everything up to ship the car back and get a replacement one. I highly recommend the seller!

Amazing little car...wish it was mine!

Assembly required, pretty easy to do it solo.

Wireless remote control that can change the speed Slow, Medium, Fast. Fast is actually quite slow, maybe 5mph. If they can reach the pedal they can run faster than it goes

Paint is very good with the quality of metalic flake, but plastic scratches easy.

Very nice car with good remote, speed, size and looks

This car is amazing!! I got it for my daughters first birthday and she seriously loves it. It has the cool doors that open up, Bluetooth so I can connect my own music to the car, led lights, it even has its own music already programmed in the car as well. It has a remote so with her being so young I can control the car.

Great toy

Son said he wanted a blue car and this was the one with all the features we were looking for. It's a tad big for my 2 year old but I'm sure in a month he will sit comfortably.