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The toy electric cars can be used with the in-car controls, using the pedal, forwards/reverse gear-lever and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control.
Our licensed electric cars for kids are fully packed with amazing features and as they look shiny and realistic as well and your kids can enjoy riding them along side you.

Electric Cars For Kids (32)

Electric Ride On car 6v Hatchback Cooper For kids

Dhs. 499.00

Ride on car mclaren premium version 12v electric car

Dhs. 1,299.00

Ride On Car for kids ACE BUGATTI 12v Car

Dhs. 699.00

Ride On Lamborghini 12 v Sports Car

Dhs. 999.00Dhs. 1,499.00

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster 12v Ride on Car

Dhs. 1,399.00

Ride-On RC Interstellar 6V Swing Car With Push Handle

Dhs. 499.00

Kids Electric Ride on BMW STYLE 12V Battery Powered Car

Dhs. 499.00

Electric Ride On Car For Kids Bentley Bentayga 12 V Battery Car

Dhs. 1,199.00

Electric Ride On Licensed 12v Bentley Super Sports Car For kids

Dhs. 999.00Dhs. 1,999.00